Weather, today Saturday 17 September, still thunderstorms

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Italy in the crosshairs of violent storms and storms: in the early hours of today, Saturday 17 September, in particular, maximum attention to the lower Tyrrhenian sector, up to western Sicilywhere the last effects of the disastrous perturbation n.4 (responsible for the disaster in the Marche) will linger.

At the same time a new cold front perturbation (number 5) after having invested Lombardy and the North-East regions, in the middle of the day it will affect the central regions, before leaving the Peninsula in the evening. Among the regions involved, once again the Marchewhere it will also be necessary to deal with the triggering of a stormy Bora current, with gusts over 90 km / h.

Today the wind will sweep across the countryfavoring the propagation of the cooler air mass to the extreme southern regions where, by the end of tomorrow, the long period of exceptional heat will end. A clear and general improvement is confirmed for tomorrow, with a transition to sunny weather and an unusually pleasant climate.

The weather forecast for today, Saturday 17th September

In the morning rains, thunderstorms and local storms on southern and south-eastern Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Ligurian Levant and upper Tuscany, in subsequent propagation to the rest of Tuscany, the Marche and Umbria where the phenomena will lessen in the second part of the afternoon. In the evening there is a tendency to brighten up in almost all of the Center-North. In the South, last showers and thunderstorms at the beginning of the day, in particular on lower Campania, Tyrrhenian Calabria and northern Sicily, but here too the trend is for an improvement, more evident from the afternoon.

Temperatures decreasing, but with peaks still just over 30 degrees in southern Puglia and Ionian sectors. Winds in marked reinforcement. Stormy gusts of Bora on the upper Adriatic and in the Marches; up to 60-80 km / h in the rest of the country: of Tramontana in Liguria, of Mistral in Sardinia from the west or Libeccio in the South; Föhn in the Northwest. Wavy or very wavy seas, locally also rough.

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The weather forecast for Sunday 18 September

Throughout the country, the weather returned to stable and mostly sunny weather. To report some residual cloud cover in the morning in the far south, an increase in cloud cover in the far north-east and some haze over Sardinia.

Temperatures: the lows at dawn significantly decrease, the maximums in a further general decrease, with a climate that is much more pleasant everywhere. In the north and on almost all peninsular regions, in fact, it will be difficult to reach 25 ° C. Winds in attenuation, generally weak, except for the last reinforcements of the Mistral on the lower Adriatic and Ionian. Mari: the southern basins still moved, up to very rough the southern Adriatic and Ionian.

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