Energy, Cestari: “Further deviation or decree to block bill prices”

Energy, Cestari: “Further deviation or decree to block bill prices”
Energy, Cestari: “Further deviation or decree to block bill prices”
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FICAROLO (Rovigo) – “We are in negligent delay, in the sense that we have not been able to give solutions in time”. This the cry of alarm launched by the regional councilor Laura Cestari, who spoke on Thursday evening, September 15, in Villa Schiatti-Giglioli as part of a public initiative promoted by the Consumers League on the global energy crisis and the price of raw materials, in particular electricity and natural gas: an event, the third in the series, which aimed to understand what is there really behind the mechanism of price increases that is putting companies and families in great difficulty.

“Very hard months are expected ahead of us – echoed the president Enrico Scarazzati -, it is very necessary that the government acts on several fronts considering the current framework. The situation is really complicated, whoever wins the next elections on 25 September will have to face a situation that is already out of control and to which are added even telephone scams by phantom companies that offer themselves to customers: we have already had several reports, so we must be extremely careful ”.

“We suffer above all – the analysis of Cestari – of having only one non-EU supplier for our energy demand, which makes everything more difficult in the light of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but above all of the absence of a regulated policy on the matter. of supplies. Over the past year, the cost of electricity and gas for an average Italian family has increased by 160 percent and in the last quarter, according to Arera (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment, ed), will grow by an additional 100 percent compared to the current one. As if to say: bills doubled “.

For the councilor, the recipe is almost obligatory: “These are monstrous figures, comparable to half of the annual GDP of our Veneto, numbers to shake your wrists and which really risk leading to the closure of hundreds of companies and the risk of poverty for many families. I believe – he urges – that given the extreme gravity of the moment, it would certainly not be heresy to resort to a new budget variance, clearly with the consent of the Community bodies with Brussels, notoriously rather lukewarm in the face of this solution, called to loosen the constraints regulations on aid to Member States “. For Cestari, in any case, there is another possible option: to proceed with a decree capable of blocking the prices of bills at the levels of a couple of years ago. “But we must hurry: every day is precious”.

In the room, in addition to Cestari and Scarazzati, also the mayor Fabiano Pigaiani who did the honors, the provincial councilor Lucia Ghiotti, the councilor for Public Works of the Municipality of Ferrara Andrea Maggi, the writer Francesco Giubilei and the journalist Federico Bisceglie, author of “Energy sovereignty”, best seller of the moment and among other things interviewed on Thursday 15th as a guest by SkyTg24.

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Meanwhile, on Friday 16 September, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi explained the new aid decree “With the 17 billion of the aid dl bis and the 14 billion of the aid dl ter we are at 31 billion which seems to respond to the request for deviation, unless you want to ask for an offset every month. So we do not foresee any budget variance ”, said Draghi in reference to the request of the league leader Matteo Salvini. “The trend of the Italian economy allows us to help families and businesses without making a shift in public accounts”, added the premier.

“The decree provides for the extension of tax credits, a strengthening and expansion of beneficiaries. From today, hundreds of small businesses will have access to it. We expect a social contribution of 150 euros for 22 million Italians that I earn less than twenty thousand euros ”, announced Draghi. With the new government support provided for “14 billion euros for families and businesses that are added to almost 50 in recent months, overall a value greater than 60 billion euros equal to 3.5% of GDP. So we are among the countries that have spent the most in Europe ”, remarked Draghi. They will not be enough.

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