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The group Prada recognizes 1,300 euros extra wage to 2,300 employees. The company, which is headed by Patrician Bertelli And Miuccia Pradahe decided to pay the sum in three tranche, the first already paid in July. According to Corriere della Sera, the Prada group wanted to help the workforce “of the seven factories in Arezzo” at a time of rising energy prices and, more generally, of inflationary pressure and dear life.


Prada recognizes 1,300 euros

The 1,300 euros add up, reports the press, at fourteen monthly payments which the group already recognizes to employees. The most interesting thing is that social sustainability initiatives don’t end there. Prada and the unions are working to introduce another (untaxed) extra into the corporate welfare system “from 800 to 1,400 euros depending on the factories “. In what sense untaxed? The premium would be convertible into benefits (including, with regard to expensive gas, the payment of bills), but not subject to IRPEF. A tax advantage, says the CorrSera, for employees and employers. Furthermore, Prada would also be reflecting on a further premium for the factories capable of operating savings energetic.

Photo from Prada

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