Ignition of methane gas in Baronia in the presence of President De Luca

Ignition of methane gas in Baronia in the presence of President De Luca
Ignition of methane gas in Baronia in the presence of President De Luca
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The long awaited day has arrived. Sidigas has officially lit the flame that will allow methane gas to be brought to 8 municipalities in the Baronia area: Castel Baronia, Carife, San Nicola Baronia, San Sossio Baronia, Trevico, Vallesaccarda, Scampitella and Vallata.

The work was presented during a public meeting attended by the mayor of Trevico Nicolino Rossi, the managing director of Sidigas Spa Dario Scalella and the President of the Campania regional council Vincenzo De Luca.

The methanization of the 8 Municipalities of the Barony (included in the Campania Basin 06) is a long awaited moment by the Irpinia communities: in fact, a long journey has been completed which, between judicial difficulties and bureaucratic and implementation complexity, has lasted for about 20 years.

It was the new administration of Sidigas, led by the CEO Dario Scalella and the judicial custodian Francesco Baldassarre, that gave a new impetus to the works entrusted to the old management in 2003 and practically stopped since 2009 (except for some brief and limited partial recoveries).

Thanks to the activity of Scalella and Baldassarre and the credibility of the new management, Sidigas’ relationship with the municipal administrators of the Campania Basin 06 (who in 2016 had ordered the contractual termination and published a new contract of assignment) was reconstructed and suitable transactions signed with all municipalities thus ensuring the resumption of work.

The works for the methanization of the 8 Municipalities of the Barony were physically and continuously resumed in May 2021, after having fulfilled all the necessary regulatory obligations and having received the necessary endorsements from the judges who in the meantime have alternated in the management of the procedure.


Sidigas, who had undergone a judicial seizure for the old management with a provision of the Public Prosecutor of Avellino (Pm owners of the investigation Vincenzo D’Onofrio and Vincenzo Russo), validated by the Gip of the Court of Avellino, Marcello Rotondi, has in fact seen transfer by competence its judicial procedure first from Avellino to Naples, with the Gip Linda Comella who validated the seizure in March 2021, and then again in Avellino with the validation issued by the Gip Rotondi.

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In December 2021, the first part of the plants serving 4 Municipalities was put into operation, namely Castel Baronia, Carife, San Nicola Baronia and San Sossio Baronia. Last May, new sections of the network were put into operation to serve the remaining 4 municipalities, namely Trevico, Vallesaccarda, Scampitella and Vallata. Last month, the supply of gas to the production site plan in the municipal area of ​​Vallata was finally made possible.

A journey that does not end here. Work will continue: up to now, 80 per cent of the network has been put into operation and around 40 per cent of the connections have been made. The distribution network is 74,701 meters, with 1337 branches, 236 Pdr (delivery points) and 19 active customers.

The connection requests received so far are about 1000, 600 of which confirmed with the acceptance of the estimate, against a potential pool of 3000 final customers that can be served, probably due to the current context of the energy market which for the moment does not favor full use of the new infrastructure by the 2000 residents currently serviceable.

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