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Flood in the Marche: the document that nails regional policy

Flood in the Marche: the document that nails regional policy
Flood in the Marche: the document that nails regional policy
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A resolution adopted in 2016 by the Marche Region had provided for interventions to prevent the risk of a new flooding of the Misa river. After six years, however, they have not yet been realized

It is not enough to point the finger at climate change, as the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta immediately did, to comment the flood that devastated the Marche on Thursday evening, killing at least nine people in the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro-Urbino. It is not enough when the political class proves itself unable to administer its own territory. In this case a document seems to nail the Marche political class to their responsibilities. This is a resolution approved on 25 March 2016in the seat of the regional council, by the Institutional Committee of the Marche regional basin authority, chaired by the then regional governor Luca Ceriscioli. The resolution provides for the adoption of a document drawn up by a series of environmental, territorial and urban planning experts that lists all the interventions to be carried out to secure the territory and reduce the risk of flooding of the Misa river, the one that has escaped from the its banks Thursday evening (devastating Senigallia and neighboring countries) and which had already flooded on May 3, 2014, causing two victims.

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