After the death of a prisoner in Palermo, the number of suicides rises to 60

After the death of a prisoner in Palermo, the number of suicides rises to 60
After the death of a prisoner in Palermo, the number of suicides rises to 60
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“With the death of the young man detained in the Palermo hospital, where he had been in a coma for days a
following the attempted suicide, there have been 60 suicides since the beginning of the year: this is the summer
most dramatic in the history of Italian prisons “. To support him is Aldo Di Giacomo,
general secretary of the S.PP. which tomorrow will be in Barcellona Pozzo di Gozzo (2 pm), a
Palermo (5 pm) and the tour of the prisons in Sicily will continue to complete the visits e
of the meetings already held in about sixty penitentiaries in the country.
“The balance of the summer that is about to end is tragic. Suffice it to point out that only for
the intervention, the commitment, the professionalism of the agents on the occasion of the numerous riots
we have not repeated the tragedies of South American prisons with hundreds of deaths for
fires and fights. We have attempted an initial assessment of the last few months: 16 suicides in addition
to that of a colleague of ours and nine suicide attempts, 18 cases of burning cells, at least
five episodes of assault on prison staff a week, 12 fights between inmates
rival clans or between Italian and non-EU prisoners. For all this – he adds – we have
decided mobilization actions to move the ‘torpor’ while facing the emergency
exploded with the so-called mini riots spread in numerous institutions and daily attacks
to the prison staff, politics has decided to postpone everything to the new government and the new one
Parliament. But the prison emergency cannot wait for the vote on September 25 and other months
for the establishment of Parliament and the government: we are no longer willing to tolerate the
laxity and collecting the constant protests of colleagues who can no longer do it
‘targets’ on which violent inmates can unleash their anger we have decided to
move on to mobilization. We continue to warn: it is now not tomorrow the time
to act”.
“It would be enough – continues the secretary of the S.PP. – bring together the law and the
safety of citizens that all parties invoke for the “outside” of the prison with them
necessity for the “inside”. A state that in addition to not guaranteeing legality in prisons does not
manages to ensure the safety of prisoners and their employees (prison staff)
testifies to having renounced his civic duties until the “massacre” of
this summer with inmates of an increasingly younger age. As servants of the state the commitment of
prison staff is aimed at enforcing the law and fighting against the mafia e
crime which, in our opinion, must take place starting from prisons. But in these
conditions we are unable to do so.
There are actions, measures, measures that can and must be implemented immediately, first
the election of the new Parliament and the appointment of the new Government, because more time passes
and the more the illegality spreads with the risk of repeating what happened with the riots in the
spring of 2020 “.

The article is in Italian

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