Harris Reed’s twist

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Harris Reed's twist
A Harris Reed look (courtesy Harris Reed / Marc Hibbert)

Mis en scene. The title already anticipates everything. Curtains of draped red velvet, the coffered ceiling of the Dutch hall and two scenographic chandeliers outline the frame of the theatrical collection of Harris Reed, enfant prodige of gender fluid. The graduate Central St. Martinswhich notoriously always parades off schedule in locations revealed to a select few, has created in a couple of seasons a following of followers among style icons such as Harry Styles And Solange Knowles.

To him the honor and the burden, therefore, of being able to glam up a London fashion week marked by national mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth. And it succeeds. Perfectly. On the platform, fairytale creatures that sparkle in the night, with immense headdresses in the shape of a bell or a solar disc. Sculpted silhouettes, which alternate sinuous lines with maxi-volumes. The dress becomes a stage costume, inspired by the dances of the debutantes, with crinolines, corsets, sculptural headdresses and jewel decorations for both her and him, revisited for a genderless audience. A tableau vivant of garments on the border between dream and reality, with a very evocative soundtrack.

Judgement. Harris Reed’s magic lifts, albeit for a few minutes, the veil of sadness that has enveloped London since the sovereign passed away. The designer sends on the catwalk a demi-couture collection that combines the rigors of traditional sartorial canons with experimentation, in a hymn to freedom and creativity. (All rights reserved)


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