Milan, Galli: “That Belgrade fog was perhaps a stroke of luck”

Milan, Galli: “That Belgrade fog was perhaps a stroke of luck”
Milan, Galli: “That Belgrade fog was perhaps a stroke of luck”
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The memory of the former Rossoneri goalkeeper

At “1 Football Club”, on 1 Station Radio, Giovanni Galli, former footballer, among many others, from Naples, Milan and Fiorentina intervened. Champions? “Then it was the ‘Champions Cup’. There were many excellences, teams that had won their respective championships. Television rights and interests then changed this competition. The race with the Red Star was a significant watershed, also because the story would have had a different ending if we hadn’t won on penalties. That fog was perhaps a stroke of luck, we were thrilled to go through, despite the many injuries. ” Next year the format of the Champions will change: will it be an interesting show anyway? “It is the interests that fail. We should take a step back and go back to the past. Not even the Super League would be correct. Instead, it would be appropriate to go back to the old format and add only a selected number of teams. We should raise the level upwards. Increasing the number of participants would not be gratifying and correct “. Thoughts on Milan-Napoli? “It will be a wonderful match. Congratulations to the two clubs, which have invested in young players over the years and have paid off. Two cycles had ended in Naples, it was right to refound. Players who want to emerge have been hired. Milan have arrived talented players. The salary ceiling of both clubs has been lowered, but they have remained protagonists all the same. “

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