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A look at Piazza Sant’Anna, from the 1950s to today

A look at Piazza Sant’Anna, from the 1950s to today
A look at Piazza Sant’Anna, from the 1950s to today
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Unmistakable. Almost seventy years have passed since this photo taken in Piazza Sant’Anna, in the heart of Bergamo, yet we can recognize it in the blink of an eye. It is one of the many evocative images of our city published on and coming from the archive of the glorious Wells photographic studio, which was based in Largo Cinque vie. The photo, dated 1954, was taken at the crossroads between Borgo Palazzo, Ghislandi and Mai streets. In the foreground we see a traffic policeman, from behind, busy directing traffic, which apparently was already quite strong at the time in this area of ​​the city, where commercial activities, businesses and services flourished.

In the center, starting from the left, the newsstand (a service still present today, more or less in the same position), a petrol pump and a public weighing machine are sold. Among the many comments of Storylab readers, we read a curious detail, taken from the volume “Il Novecento a Bergamo”: a 200 quintal truck, in the 1950s, paid 294 lire for a weigh. In the background you can see the large building, present and still clearly recognizable today, which on the ground floor also housed, among other activities, the historic Drogheria Mologni, overlooking the square for almost a hundred years, from 1921 to 2019. Here is the comparison between yesterday and today, with the shot of our Beppe Bedolis.

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