Mattia snatched from his mother by a five-meter wave caused by the flood –

Mattia snatched from his mother by a five-meter wave caused by the flood –
Mattia snatched from his mother by a five-meter wave caused by the flood –
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from Fabrizio Caccia, sent to Barbara

The little boy was in the car with his mother, who tried to go out and take him with him. The woman clung to a plant and is now hospitalized in Senigallia

Mattia had gone back to give me a kisssays grandmother Marisa thinking about the other night, when she saw her 8-year-old grandson for the last time. And now this pelvis torments her, she feels her cheek as cold as ice. She – she says – she had prepared the chicken breast for dinner, then together they had waited for the closing time of the municipal pharmacy which is just a few meters away. Mattia’s mother, Silvia MereuBarbara’s pharmacist, 1,500 souls in the province of Ancona. Thursday had swapped shifts with colleague Laura Patrignani, who is now crying behind the anti Covid mask in the shop: Silvia always said: Mattia my light. Now how do you go on ?.

The child, an only child, is still missing and Pap Tiziano and grandfather Vladimiro, a retired engineer, are already in Contrada Coste to follow the research in the middle of the mud that has buried everything. Let’s hope they find it again, sighs the grandmother behind the gate. Without adding anything else. When Silvia closed the shop on Thursday evening, it was after 19.30, got into his white Mercedes and reached the home of the parents of Tiziano Luconi, Mattia’s dad, who is a social worker. A quick goodbye and then off to San Lorenzo in Campo, where the next morning the child, a handsome Moretto with big black eyes, would have returned to class very happy. For two days he had been in third grade and it was all a smile with his classmates. But before he went, he got out of the car and ran to greet his grandmother, a retired English teacher, now comforted at home by her sister Maria. On the way back, after the Ripalta bend, towards Arcevia, the water bomb arrived.

A tsunami, tell the survivors of Contrada Coste. A 5 meter high wall of water and mud. What happened next only Silvia knows, who is now hospitalized in Senigallia under shock. Surely in front of that gigantic wave the pharmacist must have thought that it was better to get out of the car so as not to be overwhelmed, she took Mattia in her arms but the force of the water ripped him like a feather. And he went down. Instead, she clung to a plant and remained until help arrived, in a severe state of hypothermia. There is a whole town now that weeps and prays for the missing child. Don Paolo, the parish priest of the church of Santa Maria Assunta, if he could go back would make him light all the candles in the church. Mattia always went crazy for it. He entered and began to push all the buttons on the panel, in the grip of the purest wonder.

Nonna Marisa does not want to speak in the past tense, she says that to her grandson he likes to light candles in church and so he always gets the coins given by his father, but above all he loves to go on a scooter with Tiziano, the two of them with helmets around the town, every afternoon, waiting for the closing time of the pharmacy. Gi. Every afternoon, father and son always followed the same path: first a trip to the Barbara Bar to have a snack, to eat the tart and the fries that Giorgia and Arianna offered him, sitting good and good next to the pensioners engaged in tressette and tressette. Then a greeting to the photographer Angelo, Daniela the hairdresser and a kiss also to Angela Antonucci from the food shopi (describing him as a goblin, a baby darling). Here: he always liked to do this too. Send docks to everyone. The tour then ended on time in front of the pharmacy, Tiziano honked the horn and Silvia leaned out to greet them. If we hadn’t changed the shift, the other day, now I would be under the mud, says Doctor Patrignani, Silvia’s colleague, who cannot yet notify her family because Barbara, as elsewhere, has been missing for hours: light, telephone, internet. Nothing works anymore. It was a happy world. Now just dark.

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