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“I wrote a detective story to be able to tell the intertwining of power, even in a fun way” –

“I wrote a detective story to be able to tell the intertwining of power, even in a fun way” –
“I wrote a detective story to be able to tell the intertwining of power, even in a fun way” –
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from Massimiliano Nerozzi

Politics and the judiciary, Turin and the grenade faith, civil education (which no longer exists), fascism (which still exists) and books on the bedside table (Musil and the Bible): the former speaker of the Chamber speaks on Monday guest at the Circle of Readers

Luciano Violante, why did you write a detective story? (News from Mrs. Marthensen, Marsilio)

It was a way to tell the intertwining of power, political, economic, judicial. And I wanted to talk about it in a more amusing way: in a novel you can write things that in a scientific text you would not be able to afford.

Writing lightly doesn’t mean being superficial.

Calvino’s lightness, but not always successful

a book written by a magistrate or a politician?

From both of them. I have done many trades and each one leaves traces of him.

We must be Aristotelian, not Nietzschean, says the prosecutor in the novel to the young colleague: in the Italian judiciary did (political) passion take over from the facts?

It was not necessarily a political passion, rather that of being a protagonist.

Not the only dig at magistrates and information: how are you doing now?

a relationship that has not evolved, I am obviously speaking in general: it remains a perverse plot, based on an exchange of favors.

Macchiavelli said that good laws are not enough, but good consumption is needed. I’m talking about professional ethics.

The separation of careers is again discussed.

Hand. Rather, as they sometimes say, those of magistrates and those of journalists.

There is also something for politics: Today’s parties are no longer able to decide, because they have lost their know-how: that is?

It would be a very long speech, which I try to summarize: a process of restructuring of politics that begins with the assassination of Aldo Moro, when it was thought there was a double standard, the struggle in society and the compromise in politics. Then there was the Berlin Wall, Clean Hands and many other events, which opened another page: we no longer spoke of adversaries, but of enemies.

civil education, the search for compromise and dialogue have disappeared. And we arrived at the paralysis of the decision-making capacity, between continuous decree laws and the search for emergency as a reason for not deciding.

What do you think of presidentialism?

I have the impression that those who talk about it do not know very well what it is about: we should also change the Constitutional court, the parliament, the judiciary, a very complicated job. And, I repeat, it is not the rules that give stability, but the custom of politics: it is the parliamentarians who change their shirts, not politics that are unstable.

In Turin, metal sheets and gianduiotti are produced, here politics, social relations, candidacies are produced, says the wife (from Rome) to the protagonist, from Turin.

Look, my wife and I love Turin, so much so that we have come to live there, but if you move further south, to Rome for example, this is the idea they have.

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What if the sheets will no longer be made?

By now the polycentric world and Turin can become a center of high technology, that is the vocation. There was a phase of transition, after the crisis of Fiat, managed by Castellani, Chiamparino, Fassino, with a phenomenal strategic vision. I hope Lo Russo has it: since I voted for it, I would say yes, but people must be judged on time.

more grenade or antijuventino?

When Juve plays abroad I cheer for them, patriotism wins. But in Italy I also cheer Salernitana, if he plays against the bianconeri.

I always cheer for the weakest.

On the bedside table he has the Man without Qualities and the Bible: why?

Musil’s is a great unfinished, extraordinary book, the description of the end of an empire, which interests me; and the Bible the Bible.

If not the magistrate what would he have done?

The architect, but the degree course lasted too long, six years. So, I chose the four of jurisprudence.

They set fire to the monument dedicated to the partisans: what effect does it have?

Let’s not talk about morons and we need to worry. They are gestures that have a reason inside: that the other is an enemy, to be destroyed.

Bruno Segre, lawyer and partisan, argues that fascism is not finished: you?

ended up as a historical phenomenon. But the problem is that there are still racism, discrimination, insulting the weak and women; which are part of the core values ​​of fascism and which are now in society.

However the elections go, what do you hope next?

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