Saturday 17 September 2022 open day of public transport

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For this date free public transport on all Atac vehicles, on the underground and on the surface

Drafting – September 16, 2022

Saturday 17th September 2022– informs the Capitol in a press release – as part of the European Mobility Week 2022 (September 16-22) open day of public transport throughout the city. The Giunta di Roma Capitale approved a resolution a few days ago which establishes for this date the free public transport on all Atac vehicles, on the underground and on the surface.

Saturday 17 is not a simple day of free circulation on vehicles and with the gates of the subways deactivated. It will also do information on public transport, themed gadgets will be distributed by Atac staff in the main stations, starting from Termini, and at the terminus. And there will be pedestrian areas and initiatives in all Municipalities. To find out what you do and where, here’s one interactive map: just click on any of the points marked on the map and a window opens with the events scheduled in that place.

Main pedestrianization: Saturday 17th Septemberfrom 9 to 20.30, no traffic on via del Corso between piazza Venezia and largo Chigi. Also stop at public transport buses, taxis and NCCs. Sunday 18 from 9 to 18 it will be closed to traffic (including public transport) via Appia Antica, from Porta San Sebastiano to the basilica of San Sebastiano. Both streets will be constantly manned by Local Police patrols.

This year’s theme of the European Commission’s main awareness campaign on sustainable urban mobility is “Best Connections”, to highlight and promote synergies between people and places. The goal is to raise awareness of sustainable mobility and encourage changes in behavior in favor of active mobility.

The complete program

The open day is the first of the many initiatives with which the capital celebrates the European Mobility Week 2022: a series of events until 22 September, to promote the use of local public transport and spread the culture of sustainable mobility. Among the main protagonists are the schools, with the access roads made temporarily pedestrian. But the initiatives are more than 50 in all and include walks, archaeological tours, bike rides, debates, workshops for children, flash-mobs. The complete program is available on the Roma Mobilità website.

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Rome thus intends to communicate its commitment to change, like the great European capitals. With this in mind, the open day was born with the primary objective of bring on board bus, trams and metro for those who usually do not use public transport. An important step along the path towards an increasingly modern, efficient and sustainable mobility, in which the use of private vehicles is limited as much as possible in favor of collective and shared transport.

Among the first concrete steps to reduce polluting emissions, a new sector plan for the transport of goods. Soon the start of the sharing process with the main ones stakeholders and all interested operators.

To find out more about this last point, about Europe Week and about the Campidoglio’s programs in the field of mobility, see the slides.

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