Carlo Broschi, known as Farinelli (1705-1781) 240 years after his death – GBOPERA

Carlo Broschi, known as Farinelli (1705-1781) 240 years after his death – GBOPERA
Carlo Broschi, known as Farinelli (1705-1781) 240 years after his death – GBOPERA
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Carlo Broschi (Andria, January 24, 1705 – Bologna, September 16, 1782). 240 years after his death
Pages and pages have been written about what was the most acclaimed castrated opera singer. Only thanks to the pages written for his voice and on what contemporaries wrote about him, we have understood his extraordinary vocal characteristics.Farinelli showed off an extension of three octaves on a voice with a splendid timbre, very clear, very sweet but also vibrant and powerful. Virtuous phenomenal. Broschi sported a full and granite trill at all heights and one of his most admired numbers was the succession of trills, now fast, now slow. He performed the vocalizations with exceptional clarity and rapidity; and often these passages, of an unusual length, were then completed by him without catching his breath. Precisely the phenomenal length of the winds allows it to emerge even in the “voice masses”: attacks in pianissimo, gradual and slow expansion up to fortissimo, damper – always slow and gradual – and then attack, without interruption, of a vocalized passage. his transcendental virtuosity was manifested in a particular way in the “storm airs” (the most phantasmagoric, perhaps, of the theater of the eighteenth century, since the voice imitated the waves of the sea, The fury of the wind, the terror of sailors) and in those with violin or concertante trumpet during which the voice emulated the most difficult evolutions of the instrument, often improvising. Farinelli was, in fact, an improviser of great imagination and skill but he was also an expressive singer, a noble and very composed actor, with a clear diction, an eloquent accent, with a phrasing that could be tender as well as solemn and that often reached a great patheticity. He has been considered and remembered by many as the greatest opera singer ever.

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