Iran, 22-year-old girl beaten to death for not wearing the veil well. Protests in the capital and on social-

Iran, 22-year-old girl beaten to death for not wearing the veil well. Protests in the capital and on social-
Iran, 22-year-old girl beaten to death for not wearing the veil well. Protests in the capital and on social-
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Morality police accused of killing a 22-year-old. The answer: she had a heart attack. Protests in the capital and on social networks

Beaten to death by the morality police for not respecting the rules on the veil. She happens in Iran, where a 22-year-old woman was killed after being arrested.

Eyewitnesses recount how Mahsa Amini – this is the woman’s name – was beaten while inside a police van after being arrested in Tehran on Tuesday. Other versions report that Masha was taken to a police station to attend an hour of re-education.

The police confirmed the arrest for issues related to the veil, mandatory for women, but denied the allegations, speaking of a sudden heart problem. The young woman’s family explained how Masha did not suffer from any heart disease and she was healthy. And she also reported that she had not been informed of Masha’s transport to the hospital in a coma prior to her death on Friday. As reported by several independent Iranian media, the girl who died at Kasra hospital in the capital, where she was visiting relatives. Immediately after news of the death began to circulate, a crowd gathered in solidarity and protest. All while police officers surrounded the clinic.

Masha Aminin’s is only the latest case of brutality against women by the Iranian authorities in recent weeks. Her death comes in the wake of numerous reports of abuse of womenaccused of violating the Islamic dress code and therefore forced to remain outside public buildings or even attacked.

The Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, has ordered the Interior Ministry to open an investigation to clarify the matter. For its part, Amnesty International has returned to denounce as degrading and discriminatory the law on the obligation of the veil for women in Iran which, since the Islamic revolution of 1979, requires women, Iranian and foreign and whatever their religion, to cover their heads and wear loose-fitting clothes that cover your shapes. The zeal of the authorities on the issue had significantly diminished under the previous rule of the pragmatic president, Hassan Rohani, and a growing number of Iranian women, in Tehran and other major cities, often leave their hair almost uncovered. In recent months, however, under the presidency of the ultra-conservative Raisi, police interventions to enforce the obligation of the veil have multiplied.

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Many Iranians, including pro-government and well-known personalities such as Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi and actress Golshifteh Farahani have expressed their indignation on social platforms against the moral police and tweeted against the patrols. Videos have surfaced on social media showing agents holding women, dragging them to the ground, and forcibly taking them away. Many Iranians directly blame Ali Khamenei. And in these hours on social media there is a video on social media in which the Supreme Leader justifies the role of the moral police and insists that under Islamic rule women must be forced to observe the Islamic dress code. A social rift between the young and dynamic Iranian society and the obscurantism of those in power that the brutal murder of Masha will only deepen.

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