Velletri – In memory of Guido Acchioni, in the 70th anniversary of his death: the Veliterno policeman died at 28 from a tragic accident in Latina

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On the afternoon of Saturday 17 September, in Velletri, a Holy Mass will be celebrated in memory of Guido Acchioni, a policeman from Veliterno who died on 19 September 1952 at the “Dono Svizzero” hospital in Latina, from injuries sustained in a terrible road accident which took place on the previous 24 August. While performing an institute service, the then 28-year-old Guido Acchioni had the tragic accident that cost him his life: despite the timely help and immediate care received in the hospital, he died a few weeks later from serious injuries.

Guido Acchioni, who was born in Velletri on March 8, 1924, on the evening of August 24, 1952, around 9 pm, while he was performing a school service aboard a sidecar, to avoid a stray dog ​​suddenly paratroposed in front of the motor vehicle, he made a sharp deviation that caused the vehicle to escape and its overturning into the adjacent embankment.

The incident caused so much emotion and condolence in the community of Velletri, so much so that many citizens attended the funeral of poor Guido Acchioni, and after the funeral rite, celebrated in the church of Santa Maria del Trivio, the poor policeman’s coffin was transported on foot, between two wings of the crowd, up to the civic Cemetery, where he was buried.

A representative from the Velletri Police Station will also be present at the Holy Mass, scheduled for 5.30 pm on Saturday 17 September, at the church of the Novitiate of Don Orione, in via Carlo Angeloni.

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Guido Acchioni

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