“It would be the death of the municipalities of the South”

“It would be the death of the municipalities of the South”
“It would be the death of the municipalities of the South”
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South and administrators on guard on spectrum of differentiated autonomy which returns to extreme political relevance. A programmatic and information meeting was held in Corigliano Rossano in the presence of the mayors Flavio Stasi of Corigliano Rossano e Michele Tripodi of Polistena, of Paolo Mandolitieconomist and co-author of the study on the “Fair Allocation of the resources of the Recovery Fund and of Ranieri Filippelli Spokesman for the Third Sector Forum “Ionian-Pollino”. To coordinate the work Francesco Intrieri.

The meeting on the theme “No differentiated autonomy and fair distribution of the NPR’s resources” proved useful for prepare a summary scheme to be presented to all candidates for Parliament. «The objective is to sensitize the candidates to Parliament on the issue of differentiated autonomy and on the need to achieve a more just and equitable distribution of funds. The risks for the third sector are social cuts and the maintenance of existing services ”, reports Ranieri Filippelli, forum spokesperson for the Ionio-Pollino third sector.

The economist Mandoliti explains the dynamics and effects of differentiated autonomy that risks causing the “death of the local authorities of the South. Everything that is transferred from the State to the Regions will be commensurate with the historical expenditure, which takes into account previous activities. It is necessary to predetermine the essential levels of services, that is, to establish the same cost for each citizen throughout the nation ”.

The mayor of Tripodi polistena underlines the inconveniences of the Calabrian context starting from health issues: “It would be devastating for the southern regions”. While the mayor of Corigliano Rossano Flavio Stasi already speaks of pre-existing and evident inequalities between North and South: “Through these further discriminations on the contrary, I believe that the country is being damaged not only the South. Now it will be necessary to understand with the new government in which direction we want to go ».

Upcoming events in Lamezia and Reggio

A similar event will be held in the next few days in Borgia, Lamezia Terme and Reggio Calabria to continue to raise awareness among citizens and municipal administrators on the issue of differentiated autonomy, a law which, “if approved as it is in the thoughts of presidents Zaia, Fontana and Bonaccini (to which Cirio, Toti and Giani – in practice all the presidents of the north), without the pre-determination and financing of the Leps, will cause the economic-financial disaster of the regions and local authorities of the south, since the financing of services will continue to be determined through the criterion of historical expenditure (the same criterion that determined the subtraction of about 60 billion per year against the south for 18 years) “.

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Italy every year, it was reiterated during the evening, “spends” in social policies for a citizen of the north over 6000 euros while for a citizen of the south just over 2000 euros. The immediate message that this first meeting wants to be launched is a question to the candidates of the territory and to make, if necessary, their formal commitment, so that they bring these requests to the new parliament. Among the objectives of the organizers is the desire to create “a critical mass and distant from any national parties to which they belong which are not openly against differentiated autonomy that knows how to put on its agenda that of listening to the territory and their needs”.

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