Pornassio, Mattia and GianGiacomo, from the youngest volunteer to those who have been in the White Cross since its foundation

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Pornassium. Mattia, 25, Giangiacomo, 71, two stories of the volunteers of the White Cross of Pornassio who today celebrated half a century of activity. From the youngest to those who have been in the association since it was founded. A historical memory and a point of reference for those who are volunteers. And they are the guardian angels, who with their colleagues, are present in the area, arrive in a short time and drive with sirens to save our lives even if the first hospital, for those who live in the hinterland, is almost forty minutes away. . For the citizens of the Upper Arroscia Valley they are a certainty. Forty in total alternate their lives between work, family and volunteer work.

Mattia is in the third generation of volunteers in the White Cross together with his brother. Before him, his grandfather and father. “As often happens – he says – in our territory there are several generations that have been part of the association but I decided to be a volunteer because I understood that unfortunately in this area which is far from the first hospital, at least 40 minutes, this garrison is important because it is difficult for the patient to be far away but also for us who try to care for him. So while we are there we try to give this service. We who are on the ambulance realize the time it takes to get to the first hospital and think that an ambulance in the worst case should leave the city to come here is not a good thing for anyone ».

«The difficulty of a bit of everyone was the covid – continues Mattia – where many people of a certain age, rightly, did not feel like doing this service anymore. The White Cross is also a gathering place for all ages, it is not to be seen as a place where you do the service and then go home. I say this to young people even if there are few in this area and I hope they understand the value of having an association like this.

From the hope of the young volunteers to the experience of the first volunteer who has been part of the association since 1972. Giangiacomo is 71 and tells how the White Cross has changed over the years and hopes that young people will join the group.

«I started when I was about twenty years old – he tells us – the White Cross of Alassio gave us an ambulance and we started with that and slowly we managed to buy what we have and the cars and we reached these levels here. We hope to be able to continue as long as we can and we hope that young people will also give us a hand to be able to move forward because we seniors begin to be tired. I do not remember the first aid because it was all different those years there, we went alone, the phone rang, and we left now instead it takes two, have the courses to be able to help people. As long as I can, I still go to the rescue. We are a good team, all friends because it also takes friendship and happiness, joking, laughing, and then when there is work to be done, you work ».

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Giangiacomo Pario

And then there is the story of Michela who, as she recounts, «in 1997 I got engaged to Carlo, who had already been in the White Cross for a few years. You involved me and the love for the association and the desire to help others was born, which persists to this day ».

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