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It is a crescendo of twists and turns and provocations which, if it did not have as a point of confrontation a humanity escaped from hunger and persecution, would be almost comical. Desperate people who fled Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, entered the United States illegally, enthralled by false promises, at least for those in Florida, of a safe place to sleep, food and even a job. Proposals made by some women on the streets of Miami and Orlando frequented by the “desperados” who offered to “help” them. Hostages used by two governors who rely on low instincts of their electorate to hunt for consensus for their electoral campaign.

The idea was the first to have the idea of ​​the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who began to ship dozens of buses loaded with illegal immigrants to Washington and New York and recently also to Chicago. Cities that have always been considered “sanctuaries” of illegal immigrants, but above all because they have democratic mayors who have made a creed of the “Pluribus Unum” of America that was.

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, who will run for elections in November challenged by former governor and current Democratic congressman Charles Christ, was the relauncher. And his political future will also depend a lot on these elections because DeSantis makes no secret of having aspirations for the White House.

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump – Ansa

He did so by sending about fifty immigrants who did not comply with the entry visa to the United States on Thursday, who in desperate search for a bed and a job were lured into a military base, put on two planes and unloaded in the small airport. of Martha’s Vineyard, the island off the coast of Massachusetts. An island called “Democrats Haven”, loved by Jacqueline Kennedy, where the Clintons and Obamas spend their holidays. A very characteristic island, full of small seaside villages and large cliffs on which two historic lighthouses stand, without mass tourism, with beautiful villas surrounded by greenery inhabited by many rich people black liberals Americans.

After landing, the fifty passengers were dropped off and the two planes left, abandoning them in the small airport. Today they have been transferred to the Joint Base Cape Cod military base, the garrison on the Atlantic that houses the Coast Guard and some squadrons of the Air Force and the National Guard.

“Florida – said the communications manager of Governor DeSantis, Taryn Fenske – confirms that the two flights with illegal immigrants landed in Martha’s Vineyard are part of the state’s transfer program to transport illegal immigrants to the proclaimed” sanctuary cities “, or those open to immigration. “States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the reception of these people who have invited illegal immigration into our country” through initiatives such as ‘sanctuary states’ “and support for the administration’s open border policies. Biden, ”she said.

Migrants arrived by bus in New York – YouTube

President Joe Biden criticized the two governors accusing them “of engaging in politics with human beings. What they are doing is wrong. He is not American. He is reckless ”.

The Washington Post in an editorial board opinion defines DeSantis’ actions as “cruel”. The New York Times blames the current immigration system.

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The problem of immigration regulation has remained unsolved for decades. It was not resolved by either Democrats or Republicans, when they had a majority in the Senate and the House. It is one of the many thorny problems, such as abortion, electoral reform, police regulation. Reforms that fail to overcome the obstacle of 60 qualified majority votes in the Senate. Above all, the problem of the Dreamers, young people illegally brought to the United States when they were children who in 2012 were protected by a law passed by Obama. The law then repealed by Trump in 2017 left them in judicial limbo. “We need to modernize our laws so companies get the workers they need and families don’t have to wait decades to get together,” Biden said. But the president’s words, even if they get consensus, remain unheard by the overwhelming majority of parliamentarians. And many of them, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Lauren Boebert, of the border blockade with Mexico, but only for those, in a cocktail of racism and xenophobia have made it a political reason, moreover fueled by former President Donald Trump who he wanted to build the border wall.

A story that ended badly this of the wall, after Congress blocked the funds and the initiative launched by Steve Bannon, the former political guru of Trump, was wrecked in a scam for which he was indicted in recent days.

Former advisor to US President Donald J. Trump Stephen Bannon leaves federal court after his arraignment on charges of using funds raised for border wall construction to pay for personal expenses, in New York, New York, USA, 20 August 2020 – EPA / Kevin Hagen

In another legal matter yesterday, former President Donald Trump proposed an agreement to try to resolve the civil investigation into the Trump Organization, the family holding company suspected of tax and insurance fraud. Offer rejected by Letitia James, New York State Attorney General who, according to the New York Times, is also considering prosecuting the former president’s adult children: Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. all executives of the company.

In the other court case in which Donld Trump is involved, federal judge Aileen Cannon rejected the request of the Justice Department to regain access to 100 top secret cards seized by the FBI in Mar-a-Lago and appointed the “Special Master” former federal magistrate Raymond Dearie.

Finally, one of Trump’s followers who stormed Capitol Hill wearing an anti-Semitic sweatshirt marked ‘Camp Auschwitz’ was sentenced to 75 days in prison. Under the hoodie Packer also wore an ‘SS’ t-shirt.

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