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There are currently 10 victims of the flood that hit the Marche and they have all been identified. This was announced by the prefecture of Ancona by updating the previous data and underlining that there are still 3 people missing. “The rescue coordination center – continues the prefecture – continues to be constantly summoned to the unified operations room of the Marche region in connection and with the coordination of the Civil Protection”.

According to sources of the rescuers, the tenth victim who was added to the list is an 80-year-old from Rosora (Ancona), whose body was fished in the afternoon in the Esino river, near a bridge in Angeli di Rosora. The elder would have slipped and fallen into the river this morning. In the meantime, the identification of one of the missing people has arrived (which thus drops to 3): it is the 17-year-old Noemi Bartolucci, 17, whose body was traced a few kilometers away from the place where she was dragged away by the force water to Barbara, as she tried to escape with her mother and brother in two cars. The body was identified by her 23-year-old brother, while her mother Brunella Chiù, 56, is still missing. And among the missing are Mattia, 8 years old, torn from his mother’s arms while they were fleeing after having abandoned the car in Castelleone di Suasa, and another man from Arcevia.

The Cabinet has approved the state of emergency for the Marche Region, approving an initial loan of 5 million.

“It’s a disaster. We’ll do everything possible.” This was stated by the prime minister, Mario Draghi, on a visit to Pianello di Ostra, in the province of Ancona, after the wave of bad weather that hit the Marche. “We will do everything necessary – he continued -. We embrace you all, we are close to you and count on us”. “Of course there is a hydrogeological problem,” said Draghi. “What happened today shows how the fight against climate change is fundamental”, said the premier, meeting with journalists.

There were moments of terrorwith truly extraordinary quantities of water “. Thus the head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio after the meeting in the prefecture in Ancona which was also attended by the leaders of the fire brigade, the head of department Laura Lega and the head of the body Giorgio Parisi.”It rained a third in a few hours than what it normally rains in these areas in a year – he adds – and in some areas it rained twice as much as it rains in summer. It was a quantity of water that suddenly spilled over the territories, causing havoc and death “.

150 people are displaced, announces the Prefecture of Ancona in a note, explaining that “most of these people are in the municipality of Senigallia, but the number is growing”. “In this regard – the press release reads – dedicated prevention and control services have been set up by the police on the evacuated buildings”. Other possible evacuations are also under consideration.

There are at least 180 firefighters at work in the area of ​​the storm that hit the region: dozens of people who took refuge on the roofs of houses and trees were saved during the night, explains the fire brigade. More than one hundred and fifty interventions that have been carried out.

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Meanwhile, messages of solidarity arrive from all over Italy. “I got calls from the head of state, Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi“, reports the president of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli.

“Our thoughts are turned with anguish to our fellow citizens of the Marche, affected by yesterday’s mournful event”, said the head of state. Sergio Mattarella.

In addition to the casualties, there is currently incalculable damage. The river Misa, in flood due to the violent rains of this night, also broke the stone balustrades of the Garibaldi bridge in the historic center of Senigallia. In the heart of the town of the Marche, the damage caused by debris, branches and mud, dragged by the stream, is visible. Many citizens are working to empty flooded cellars and shops. Witnesses report that they have never seen “such a thing”.

Bad weather in the Marche, in Senigallia the elderly saved with rafting boats

Meanwhile, the controversy over the lack of alarm is mounting. “The bulletins are published, there is a warning theme. It is quite evident that the event, as it took place, was much much worse than what had been expected”, explained the head of the Civil Protection. Fabrizio Curcio, responding to those who asked him if a weather alert had been given. “Now we have to focus on things to do now – he added – The theme of the alert will need to be explored but it is a fact that the event was much greater than what was originally planned”.

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