Murder Roberta Siragusa: accomplices emerge in the murder:

Murder Roberta Siragusa: accomplices emerge in the murder:
Murder Roberta Siragusa: accomplices emerge in the murder:
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Further emerged Announcements from the last hearings of the trial against Pietro Morreale, the young man accused of killing Roberta Siragusa the seventeen year old found lifeless and with burns on her body in a cliff of Monte San Calogeroin Caccamo, in the Palermo area, on the morning of January 24, 2021.

Today, in the hearing in the assize court, the lawyers of the civil party who assist the parents and the brother of the victim have retraced what happened in those days and have asked for life imprisonment for the accusedas did the prosecutor Giacomo Barbara who coordinated the investigations conducted by the carabinieri of the Monreale group.

The lawyers Giovanni Castronovo, Simona La Verde, Sergio Burgio and Giuseppe Canzone believe that we must continue to investigate why the perpetrator of the crime would have had accomplices in order to carry out the murder, at least to abandon the young woman’s body in the cliff. According to the reconstruction of the lawyers, Roberta was “stunned and burned alive near the sports field“. None of them believe the suicide thesis. “The scientific evidence is clear, it was a heinous and premeditated murder“, Claim the lawyers. The “33 episodes of violence suffered by Roberta in the months before her death“.

Lastly, the one reported by a witness: “Four days before the discovery of the body, which took place in January 2021, Morreale would have tightened a rope around Roberta’s neck“, Say investigators. The lawyers asked the Court to transmit the documents to the Prosecutor’s Office so that the investigation continues possible presence of accomplices who may have helped the perpetrator to make the body disappear. The next hearing will be on 21 September. It will be the turn of the defense lawyer Gaetano Giunta. Then the sentence.

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