Confcommercio on the flood: “Terrible blow to the territory”

Confcommercio on the flood: “Terrible blow to the territory”
Confcommercio on the flood: “Terrible blow to the territory”
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Senigallia 09/16/2022 – A huge tragedy. There are no other words to describe the flood that hit our territory and that devastated many areas of our region, in particular the area of ​​Senigallia and Valle del Misa.

The natural disaster has brought death and devastation to many municipalities in the province of Ancona, also severely hitting many small and medium-sized enterprises that have suffered considerable damage which is clearly still being assessed. Confcommercio Marche immediately took action in this first phase of reconnaissance and analysis of the situation and immediately communicates its willingness to help the affected territories through its tools and its network.

First of all, however, the closeness to the people affected and the thought of the dead of this terrible tragedy: “We are close – says the Director of Confcommercio Marche Prof. Massimiliano Polacco – to the city of Senigallia, to the families of the victims and to all the activities of the valley of the Misa still severely affected by a tremendous natural event. Such a calamity was undoubtedly difficult to predict but could have been better dealt with if those structural interventions had been carried out, the need for which had already been evident with the previous flood. Our Organization makes itself available to support the economic fabric and will immediately ask for immediate aid to be made available to companies to restart the territory ”.

Dismayed and personally involved in what happened, the President of Confcommercio Marche Dr. Giacomo Bramucci, a well-known businessman from Senigallia: “It is heartbreaking – his words – to see your city devastated by mud… just 8 years after the last flood. Think about what has been done and what could have been done. There remains the rubble and the terrible toll in terms of broken lives. And many activities that must once again find the courage and strength to restart. And once again the best part of each of us will be needed ”.

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