an evening for the scouts of yesterday and today

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Have you been a scout at least once in your life? Then you will remember the smell of the campfire and the songs, the laughter, the exchanging stories with the faces illuminated by the flickering light of the flame.

Around that fire: 100 years of Agesci Faenza scouting

Sunday 18th September Faenza Scouting celebrates the final evening of the events that animated the whole of 2022 to celebrate the 100th anniversary. The event Around that fire will be held at the Baden-Powell Park in Faenza (Zona Orto Bertoni) and is open to all scouts of yesterday, today and tomorrow who will be able – only if they want to – share their piece of these 100 years of adventure with a song, a story or a sketch

The program of the event

At 19:00 there will be a short ceremony of closing of the Centenary and the inauguration of the pillar for the Madonna degli Scout. After the initial ceremony, at 19.30 different groups will be divided with a packed dinnerand to experience an ageless evening of sharing the adventures of these 100 years around the fire, in an atmosphere of campfire: anyone who wants, alone or in a group, can bring a story (personal or fantasy), a singing, a sketch, or just participating by listening.

At 20:30 the animation of the fires will begin and will end at 21:40. Each fire will last about an hour to give each one their own time it is recommended a duration of 5 minutes per intervention. At the end of the fires, whoever wishes will be able to participate in sharing the fields and summer routes of the Faenza Clans

It is also possible to participate only in the fires (skipping ceremony and packed dinner), arriving by 20:30.

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Common SenseFaenzaSatispay

Common SenseFaenzaSatispay

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