in three hours the rain of a year

in three hours the rain of a year
in three hours the rain of a year
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The balance of theflood which struck, between the night of Thursday 15 and the morning of Friday 16 September 2022, the Marche. Bad weather brought the area to its knees causing numerous damages, but above all dead and missing. The official data, after the first aid, say that there are 10 deaths due to the heavy rains that have transformed the roads into real streams and dragged away cars. Over 50 were injuredwhile 4 would be the people missing in the province of Ancona.

“Stay at home” said last night the mayor of Cantiano, one of the Marche villages affected by the flood and currently isolated due to the high risk. In Senigallia the Misa river flooded and dozens of people, in search of refuge, climbed onto the roofs of houses and trees and were rescued by firefighters in action.

Flood in Marche, tragic outcome

A real water bomb hit the Marche which, although announced by the bulletins issued in the previous hours, surprised everyone. The rain that fell during the night, in fact, caused ten victims between Ostra, Senigallia, Trecastelli and Barbara, but there are also several missing. 50 went to hospitals in the region due to their injuries, while hundreds are the displaced people who found themselves fighting in the night with the water that entered their homes before being forced to leave it (here we told you about the hurricane Danielle alert in Italy).

In the province of Ancona, explained the head of emergencies of the civil protection department Luigi d’Angelo, “400 mm of rain fell in two, three hours (half of what it rains in a year in the Region, ed). He was a extremely intense event”He stressed. In particular, the rain gauge of Cantiano, one of the most affected municipalities in the Marche region, recorded 265 mm of precipitation between 17.00 and 21.00, with a peak of 90 mm per hour between 20.00 and 21.00. D’Angelo, trying to give an explanation to what happened in the last few hours, put forward the hypothesis: “Probably the heat of these days, colliding with a cold air cell, has caused such violent phenomena”.

In the flooding of the Misa river in Senigallia, several trunks of trees and plants were dragged downstream, obstructing the Garibaldi bridge. In the heart of the town of the Marche, the damage caused by debris, branches and mud, dragged by the stream, is visible. Many citizens immediately got to work, rolling up their sleeves to empty flooded cellars and shops. The firefighters, who intervened to help all citizens trapped in their homes, rescued people and the elderly with rafting boats.

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Solidarity after the tragedy

The harsh images from the province of Ancona, with entire villages flooded and inhabitants in difficulty, certainly did not go unnoticed. The upper echelons of Italian politics, struggling with the electoral campaign in view of the return to the vote on 25 September, have in fact turned a thought to the Marches. The governor Francis Acquaroli in fact, he made it known that he had received calls from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

“President Mattarella he expressed solidarity with our community and gratitude to all those who are tirelessly working for relief. Dragons he expressed his closeness reassuring me on the support for every necessary need. The pain for what happened is deep but the Marche community is strong and will know how to react. My thoughts go to the missing persons and their families, to whom I express condolences and closeness ”said the president of the Marche Region.

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