Girolomoni pasta factory, same prices for wood production

Girolomoni pasta factory, same prices for wood production
Girolomoni pasta factory, same prices for wood production
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Pasta with organic wheat, all made in Italy. Very slow drying, with natural methods. But first of all zero gas consumption, thanks to the choice of wood, and energy that comes in part from wind and solar. The Girolomoni pasta factoryin the hills of the Marche region, is a real exception in the industrial panorama of the sector, under pressure due to the disproportionate increase in gas and electricity bills.


The Girolomoni pasta factory started from a need to eliminate gas consumption. His factory, in fact, is on top of a hill, in an area where methane does not reach. This is why the cooperative headed by Giovanni Battista Girolomoni has made a virtue of necessity, focusing on the ancient and never out of fashion for the production of hot water, that is thermal energy. wood. A very modern (local) wood-fired boiler produces all the hot water necessary for production, which involves a total of about seventy employees.

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Thanks to the wood, the Marche pasta factory was able not to increase its prices and did not find itself displaced by the explosion of bills. But there are also other sources of energy savings, linked to the reduction of waste. Pasta, for example, is dried at temperatures that are not too high (8 cheaper), which result in pure waste. A part of the company’s energy needs (about 10 percent) comes from wind turbines on the hills of the area, with the aim of significantly increasing the percentage of renewables with photovoltaic systems that use uncultivated land owned by the cooperative. And finally, the grain supply is zero kilometer. It always comes from Italy only.


The project is nominated for the Non Waste 2022 Award, in the “Schools” section. To submit your projects, please follow the instructions provided here.

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