Milesi speaks as a leader: “In the World Cup time trial I want at least the podium”

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Lorenzo Milesi in an archive photo at the Giro d’Italia U23

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Lorenzo Milesi says that the hotel of the Italian national team is lost in absolute nothingness (in Bowral, 75 kilometers west of Wollongong). Not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have to prepare for a world championship.

For Milesi, in the second year among Under 23, this is the debut. If in the past season spent at the Beltrami he was considered one of the most promising talents in Italian cycling, once he moved on to the development training of Dsm he quickly established himself as one of the most successful young people on an international level.

His season testifies to it: two stages and the ranking of climbers at Triptyque des Monts et Châteauxthe seventh place in the time trial of the Europeans, a fraction close to the Valle d’Aosta, a high mountain stage conquered at Tour de l’Avenir.

Until four and a half years ago he was playing football, then he broke his ankle ligaments and started pedaling: first day in the saddle on 19 June 2018, first race a month later. Only two years later, in the summer of 2020, he won the European bronze in the time trial reserved for juniors anticipating riders such as Segaert, Ponomar, Uijtdebroeks, Ayuso and Miholjevic. They only anticipated it Vacekwhich this year made a stop at theUae Tour of professionals, and Brenner, on the World Tour with the DSM since last season, completed the Vuelta last Sunday.

He expects a lot, a lot from his trip to the world championship.

Lorenzo, you and Piganzoli are the two chronomen available to Marco Velo and Marino Amadori. Have you already seen the route?

«No, we’ll find out tomorrow, the roads will also close to allow us to ride on the track of the time trial. From what they told me it should be suitable for my characteristics, but we must not be influenced by the altitude: we want a great result ».


«I was talking about it a little while ago with Piganzoli: he aims to enter the top ten, I sincerely go to win. Let’s put it this way: if I didn’t get on the podium it would be serious, that’s it. I’m fine, I have prepared myself properly and I believe in my possibilities ».



Lorenzo Milesi in an archive photo at the Giro della Valle d’Aosta

Which opponents do you fear most?

“I still don’t know exactly who will be there, but surely Segaert, Miholjevic and Vacek are three big names.”

Do you already know if you will also participate in the online test?

“No, nothing has been decided yet. Amadori will wait for the outcome of the time trial and then decide. Needless to say, I’d like to be there, we are a good group and we don’t need anything to achieve a great result even in the road test ».

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Why does Amadori rely so much on you, from your point of view?

«I don’t like to talk about how I am, he should be asked. I read what he said about my Avenir, that I was going to be instrumental in keeping the team together. Let’s say it was easy, there were only three left … ».

After the unfortunate team time trial in which Dapporto and Bruttomesso went out of time, before losing even Martinelli.

«We have already talked enough about what happened in the team time trial. For me and Piganzoli it was a beautiful day, we like the challenges against time, but I realize that we are not all the same. Amadori, after the race, raised his voice and made himself heard. It was tough, but what else could he do? It’s all experience, let’s put it this way ».

Lorenzo Milesi during the individual time trial of the European Juniors 2020 (photo: TeamBeltrami)

In the last stage of the Avenir you have achieved the most prestigious success of your career. How did it go?

«I wanted to get into the day’s escape, I knew it could come. I realized that I could do it when, at the top of the Iseran, I realized that no one was entering from behind. A success like this gives me confidence for the future: I have never lacked endurance, but conquering a high mountain section on the tenth day of the race is another matter ».

You went on the attack also in the second stage.

“Yes, but I wasn’t very happy with how Avenir’s first half went. In short, we are Italy and we had not even hit a place in the top ten. I myself hadn’t moved well, with the timing wrong. I’m happy with how I reacted, I made up for it with interest ».

Your season has been great. Do you have any regrets?

«Of course, in order not to have one you would have to win every time you put the number on your back. I didn’t go down to seventh place in the European time trial and I was very sorry about falling and having to retire from that tricolor ».

Will we see you among the professionals in 2023?

“We are talking about it, but for the moment nothing is official. I feel ready. My season will end on October 9th at the Paris-Tours for professionals, we’ll take care of the rest when the time comes ».

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