Flood in the Marche: “After 2014 we knew it could happen again”, the story of the residents of Senigallia – The videos

Flood in the Marche: “After 2014 we knew it could happen again”, the story of the residents of Senigallia – The videos
Flood in the Marche: “After 2014 we knew it could happen again”, the story of the residents of Senigallia – The videos
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In the morning the sun returned to shine. Yet the streets are covered with mud, the cars stopped on the side of the road, overwhelmed by the raging river. Houses and shops destroyed by the power of water. This is what remains of Senigalliathe city ofAnconetano, hit last night by a violent flood. And this morning, before the sun returned, the town woke up floodedagain, like eight years ago, when the flooding of the Misa river caused four deaths and about 180 million euros in damages. “What happened in May 2014 must never happen again”, was the warning of the municipal administration at the time. It did not happen and eight years later the inhabitants will have to start the damage count. Again and with more deaths. “This night law enforcement they went around with megaphones and told us not to go out. We went to bed around 3 am and it was still pretty quiet. Then, this morning, the disaster », says – to Open – Lara, resident of Senigallia. In the affected areas, the inhabitants are still astonished, some have lost relatives, some friends, children. Despite being constantly updated, the budget of the prefecture of Ancona and of 9 dead and 4 wounded. “Nobody warned us that the situation would get worse shortly thereafter. My uncle and my cousin for fear that the garage would flood, they went down to the ground floor to save the cars and drowned ». To tell about it at Open is Azzurra, nephew and cousin of Joseph And Andrea Tisba, aged 65 and 25, two of the flood victims. “The wife saw everything from the window, there was nothing to be done. The rescue did not arrive in time, ”she concluded.

Residents working to clean up the city and businesses

Residents of affected cities in the Marche regionfrom this morning they try to recover what is still intact from their own business. They empty shops and clean up shelves from mud and debris. «The mud has entered everywhere inside the shop, it even blocks the shelves and we are unable to open them. There is still no electricity, there is also no water and the works are slow. Now we are waiting for the fire brigade », the owner of a commercial activity located in one of the streets of Senigallia that runs along the river, most affected by the flood.

The intervention of the fire brigade

I am at least one hundred and eighty Fire fighters at work in the area of storm which hit the Marche Region: “people who took refuge on the roofs of houses and trees were saved in the night,” explain the police. And more than one hundred and fifty the interventions that have been carried out.

The solidarity of the residents: “Now the only thing to do is to help”

After the anger for the missed weather alert, complained by mayors, after the dismay at the amount of water extraordinary rain last night, it is the solidarity of the luckiest neighbors to put the flood victims back on their feet and give them the strength to count the damage and move on. “Now the only thing to do is help. The only thing that consoles you and doesn’t make you think, ”Anna tells Open, resident of Senigallia.


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