Of that “something”, certainly not a great “something”, but still “something” …

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Don’t worry, I haven’t drained an entire cellar of Monferrato, it’s just that I’m titolaccio came thinking about tomorrow night’s race which, in fact, is the first with “something” up for grabs, which certainly won’t be a great “something. “, But it is still” something “.

This pearl of wisdom materialized in the usual north-west neuron, the next step was to try to understand how it could throw for Vanoli.

Having said that to pass the round he must necessarily win, doing so would be equal with Treviglio and here the messes begin because you must first calculate the “basket quotient with the even ranked teams of their group“, If the”general basket quotient of their own group“, And if that’s not enough, we still resort to luck with the classic draw, where, how and when it is not known …


Here your Ciranone stopped immediately because the matter is already complicated for those who, like him, have little or no familiarity with quotients, but it would become even more complicated in the event of Assigeco’s victory over the Ju-Vi; in this case in fact it would be in three to four points and I gladly leave the task of understanding who is first and who second to who among my twelve readers is most familiar not only with quotients but also with indices, percentages and God he only knows what other junk is needed to determine who is in front and who is behind.


The only things that can be understood by us healthy carriers of idiosyncrasy for disciplines such as mathematics and the like are that if we go first we touch the first of the red group, and that is most likely the Tramec Cento which is at full points and meets Ravenna still standing at zero and therefore with nothing more to ask from the Super Cup, and if you pass from before the second (with another very complicated calculation that I don’t even take to explain …) we have to go on a journey from the winner of the orange group that will probably jump out of very fiery Friulian derby between Udine and Cividale del Friuli, both with 4 points.


Anyway, the first race arrives with something up for grabs, and it will certainly not be a great “something” but it is still “something”. And it is a “something” that should serve to take a little more step than the PalaBanca match.

It has already been said and narrowed, written and rewritten that the second half of Piacenza saw on the parquet the trace of the Vanoli that everyone would like; one would therefore expect that PalaFacchetti’s tap-off is the normal continuation of the dunk of Jo Mobio to PalaBanca which gave the illusion of victory to Vanoli.

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It is also hoped that tomorrow night’s race will become an important stage of the very normal path that a brand new group of athletes must face, who have been working together for exactly one month and who are trying to become a team.

There have already been encouraging signs in this respect both in the derby with Ju-Vi and in the vigorous reaction of the second half in Piacenza, and perhaps precisely the circumstance that tomorrow we play “something”, certainly not a great “something,” but still “something”, it could be the right stimulus to take an extra step or, better, even two ..,


Because the stimuli for an athlete are really that spring that makes you do things that sometimes you would never have dreamed of being able to do. And this applies to anyone who has played sports at any level,

They are, precisely, that “something”, certainly not a great “something”, but still “something” …

Which is beautiful and instructive (cit.)

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