“He was the victim of stalking, he reported” – Corriere.it

“He was the victim of stalking, he reported” – Corriere.it
“He was the victim of stalking, he reported” – Corriere.it
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from Claudio Bozza

The alleged victim was interviewed by Fanpage.it. The lawyers replied that the woman had been sued a year ago for stalking and threats

She, Ambra, real name, would-be party official, accuses a senator of sexual harassment, but explains that he cannot find the strength to report. He, the accused senator and until now officially nameless, has a rather well-known profile: Matteo Richettipresident of Action re-nominated in Emilia-Romagna in the elections of 25 September e right arm of Carlo Calenda. And Richetti himself had already provided, several months ago, to report the girl for harassment and stalking. So, a few days after last Christmas the postal police had knocked on the door of the young woman, whose house was ransacked from top to bottom. The story which we talk about (and which radio Parliament has been chatting about for some time) emerges a few days after the vote.

An investigation by Fanpage.itwho reconstructed the passages of the alleged sexual violence by interviewing Ambra and publishing one series of screenshots with gory messages that would have been sent to her by the senator. A long note signed by Action sheds light on the steps in the case: For a year now, Senator Richetti has reported to the judiciary and the postal police activities of stalking and threats attributable to a woman already known to the police. Through forged messages, fake social accounts and phone calls, the person in question has been harassing the senator and his family for months. All the material in the hands of the judiciary.

In the long reconstruction article, Fanpage.it he never explains Richetti’s name, but explains that he has tracked down other women who would have denounced similar facts, assuming a me too of politics. The version provided by Richetti’s lawyers, diametrically opposite: We have filed multiple complaints against unknown persons, because Senator Richetti for months the victim of accusations without any foundationespecially via social networks and not just from a woman who has waited for him several times at home.

In the reconstruction of Fanpage.it Amber’s story is reported: a first meeting a stone’s throw from Palazzo Madama for possible employment in the party structure. Then another face to face, during which the violence would take place. In support of the reconstruction were also published messages attributed to the senator, and the truthfulness and provenance of which the Rome prosecutor is investigating. You denounce a senator with immunity? Who will they believe? one of the finished screenshots online.

The girl, however, has never filed a complaint: Why, they ask in the senator’s entourage. A revenge triggered a few days after the vote or really a case of abuse? This will be ascertained by the prosecutors who are investigating for stalking and defamation on several strands. The reply of the party led by Carlo Calenda continues as follows: The fact that a news site, ten days before the elections, anonymously reports such serious accusations without having the courage to name the senator, but publishing partial photos that make him recognizable, represents one new level of baseness of the Italian press. And then: Richetti, who in this affair the injured party, having never even been denounced by the woman in question, will proceed legally to defend its integrity in all fora.

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