Cloudbursts Marche: who are the victims, overwhelmed by the flood wave at home or on the street

Cloudbursts Marche: who are the victims, overwhelmed by the flood wave at home or on the street
Cloudbursts Marche: who are the victims, overwhelmed by the flood wave at home or on the street
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URBINO – His Facebook cover image portrays Kevin Durant, one of the strongest basketball players in the world, although the passion of Andrea Tisba, 25, was football. A passion that he can no longer carry on, overwhelmed – together with his father, Giuseppe Tisba, 65 years old – from the fury of the storm that shocked and paralyzed many municipalities in the provinces of Pesaro Urbino and Ancona last night. Father and son lived in Pianello d’Ostra (An). They were trapped in the garage of their home as they tried to free the car.

“I was screaming and calling my son, but he didn’t hear me, that wasn’t mud, it was concrete. In a moment I haven’t seen them again, ”he says Adrianamum, to the microphones of Chronicles Ancona. In a moment she saw her husband Giuseppe and son Andrea taken away: “She was watching the game when all that rain came yesterday. He ran downstairs. I screamed and tried to call them back into the house, but nothing, they didn’t hear me. My husband worked at Togni and was about to retire ”.

Andrea had just turned 25, last September 8, and was a mechanical engineering student. Soon he would finish his master’s courses. He had a penchant for basketball even though he had been playing football since he was little. In fact, he had grown up as a midfielder in Ostra Calcio, his country’s team, but he had also played in promotion with Olimpia Marzocca. “It is impossible to find words and explanations, only prayers and help for our entire community” writes the Ostra Calcio club on its Facebook page.

His father, Giuseppe Tisba, 65, was the first to go into the garage. Andrea went after him to help him, but they were surprised and submerged by a wave of water and mud. “I wanted to see the bodies of Andrea and Giuseppe when they recovered them at one in the morning – continues Adriana -, I can still see them in front of me. The Fire Brigade told me that Andrea got to the car but then got out of the car to help his father who probably slipped under the wave of water and mud ”.

In the same palace of Giuseppe and Andrea the flood caused another victim. Also Diego Chiappetti, 51, was trapped in his home garage while trying to retrieve the car. The flooding of the Misa River, however, overwhelmed him, leaving him no way out. He leaves behind his wife and two children, one of whom appears in his Facebook profile picture. “Absurd that this damned mud took you away like that last night … in a moment …. absurd… you have been a friend and a great professional in your work! Rip… ciao ”writes an acquaintance on social media. Diego was a plumber and he was well known in the village.

Ferdinando and his grandson’s appeal: “Help grandfather Nando, he remained on the first floor”

The fourth victim of Pianello d’Ostra is Ferdinando Olivi, 84, with mobility problems. The water entered the first floor of his home, shattering the windows and trapping him between the furniture in the tavern, where he was found.

“Unfortunately, his home was flooded with water when the Misa River flooded. The windows were smashed by the rush of the current and for him there was no escape “, declared the mayor of Ostra. Federica Fanesi.

An appeal to help the man had arrived shortly before from his grandson, Andrea, who had asked for help to save his grandfather, a former restaurateur and column of the Green Cross: “Help me. I am at number 3 of Pianello di Ostra. There is an overflow of the river. The water on the first floor. Help grandfather Nando who remained on the first floor ”. On his Facebook page, Ferdinando thanked his friends for their birthday wishes, on March 12, Among his photos also appears that of his wife, Gabriella, on one of their anniversaries.

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“We were very friends, we always played trump together – says Alvaro al Duchy remembering Ferdinando -. The first floor of my house is also flooded with mud ”.

In Ostra, in the evening, a fifth victim was added to the sad list: a 42-year-old Italian citizen of Moroccan origin, Mohamed Enaji.

NUBRIFAGIO MARCHE – The stories from our correspondents

Gino, Marialuisa and Erina

Gino Petrolati, 89, died in Bettolelle, a hamlet in the municipality of Senigallia. The Fire Brigade found him this morning in his car, which was overwhelmed by the flood.

In Trecastelli, a small town in the province of Ancona, she died Marialuisa Sereni, aged 72. She was in the basement when the water came in. Her family was saved but she was unable to escape in time.

Barbara, on the other hand, died Erina Febi, called Rina, a 77-year-old woman from Montecarotto, who was killed by a river of water that entered the house, while trying to close the windows.

One of the 9 confirmed victims is being identified and – according to ANSA – would be Noemi Bartolucci, 17, reported missing together with her mother, Brunella Chiu, 56, who has not yet been found – her brother Simone, 21 years old. , he saved himself by clinging to a tree -. There is not even news of an 8-year-old child, Mattia, who fell from the arms of his mother Silvia Mereu, the pharmacist from Ostra, who was instead rescued and rescued. Some sources also claim a ten-year-old girl with her mother is missing, but there are no definitive confirmations on this.

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