Capaci, the Mayor Puccio establishes the “Land Registry”

Capaci, the Mayor Puccio establishes the “Land Registry”
Capaci, the Mayor Puccio establishes the “Land Registry”
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The new ordinance signed by the Mayor of Capaci Pietro Puccio is dated 15 September 2022.

With the same, the Mayor, has decided to make a commitment with the citizens following the fires that have occurred in recent days in the Capacioto territory, of clear and evident malicious origin.

Thus declares the Mayor through his social profile:

– On the occasion of the latest fires that have affected our territory and which have devoured a large part of the mountain that overlooks our town, we had made the commitment to do something to combat the fires that occur in our territory and that have evidently willful origin. Today the trade union Ordinance n. 35 with which, in addition to some internal administrative provisions (aimed at the establishment of the fire register), it was established that, with immediate effect:

  1. a) the wooded areas and the pastures crossed by the fire cannot have a different destination from the one pre-existing to the fire for at least fifteen years and this constraint must be expressly referred to in all deeds of sale of land and buildings;
  2. b) on the aforementioned land is prohibited for ten years the construction of buildings as well as structures and infrastructures aimed at civil settlements and production activities;
  3. c) on the aforementioned land is prohibited for ten years grazing and hunting;
  4. d) on the aforementioned land is prohibited for five years the collection of the fruits of the undergrowth and of all the products of the stand (such as, for example, but not limited to, asparagus, snails, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.).

For transgressors, the prohibitions, prescriptions and penalties provided for by Law no. 353/2000, without prejudice to any application of more serious administrative, pecuniary and / or criminal sanctions provided for by Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 and by art. 650 of the CP

The most important part of this ordinance is however the establishment of a fire register, in fact the ordinance in the dispositive part states:

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– the Manager of the Area IV Urban Planning, with an extremely urgent and absolutely priority character, constitutes a small working group, after identifying the professional profiles deemed suitable to be involved, with the aim of proceeding with the census, through a special cadastre (“Cadastre of fires “), of the stands already covered by fire in the last five years, subject to the acquisition of data, documents, topographic maps, etc., according to the regulations and procedures in force provided for by law, also making use of the most up-to-date surveys carried out by BODIES AND Public bodies, proceeding in accordance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law no. 353/2000 and ss. mm. ii .;

– that the preparation of the “Fire cadastre”, complete with the annexes provided, must be carried out according to the procedures and methods provided for by the regulations in force on the subject already mentioned above and must be completed and prepared without delay within 60 days of notification of this ordinance.

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