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Damage was also recorded in Tolentino due to heavy rains that hit the area from the late evening of Thursday 14th and into the night of Friday 15th September.

The greatest inconveniences were recorded on the roads outside the city center. In fact, in the districts many roads have been invaded by so much water that has dragged a lot of mud and gravel from the fields.

“The problem was caused, for the most part, in addition to the amount of water that fell, also by the fact that in the fields the rainwater is no longer regimented with furrows and ditches in an adequate manner so that in case of rain, earth, mud and stones they invade the roadway making it impractical ”. announces the Municipality

“The maintenance teams of the Public Works Office of the Municipality of Tolentino immediately intervened and are working incessantly to bring the situation back to normal, even with the help of specialized private firms”.

Mayor Sclavi also carried out an inspection of the Tolentino hospital where some flooding occurred which, fortunately, only involved some warehouses of sanitary materials. In particular, the warehouse of the Nephrology and Dialysis department was of interest.

The agents of the Local Police are continuously monitoring the whole territory with various patrols. Mayor Mauro Sclavi “expresses all his closeness, also on behalf of the Municipal Administration and the Tolentino Community to the cities affected by the flood in the Ancona and Pesarese areas and in particular his condolences to the families who have lost in this latest tragedy the their loved ones “.


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