“killing is not human”. The populists? Fake “messiah”

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Briefing by the pontiff on the return flight from Kazakhstan. The West? “It’s decadent”. The demographic winter? In Italy, there are villages of twenty old ladies

On the return flight from Kazakhstanthe Pope has decisively touched on some “hot” topics, starting with euthanasia.

“Killing is not human”

Responding to a question about the ongoing debate on euthanasia, Pope Francis was concise and uncompromising: “Killing is not human, period. If you kill with motives, yes… eventually you will kill more and more. Let us kill it to the beasts ». Doors closed, therefore, to any legislative initiative that consents to forms of assisted suicide. THEThe new government, which will take office after 25 September in Palazzo Chigi, is warned.

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“Syndrome 1933”

Also keep an eye on populisms: the Pope warned of the danger several times, but on this occasion he went down very hard: “We are seeing how populisms are born”, the Pope continued, according to reports Vatican news: “I think I mentioned that Ginzberg book a few times, “Syndrome 1933”: It says exactly how populism was born in Germany after the fall of the Weimar government. Populisms are born like this: when there is a half level without strength, and one promises the messiah ».

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“He is not a first communion child”

As for the state of health of the West, Pope Francis spoke of «decadence» «. “It is true that the West, in general, is not at this moment at the highest level of exemplarity. He’s not a first communion baby, not really. The West has taken the wrong path, let’s think for example of the social injustice that is among us, there are countries that have developed a little on social justice, but I think of my continent, Latin America which is the West. Let us also think of the Mediterranean, which is the West: today it is the largest cemetery, not in Europe, but of humanity. What the West has lost to forget to welcome, when it needs people instead ».

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The empty countries

Finally, during the press conference on the return flight from Kazakhstan, the pontiff once again warned against the demographic winter. Pope Francis’ denunciation is clear and is aimed at insufficient policies adopted for small municipalities: “Even in Italy there are empty villages, only twenty old ladies there, and then nothing”.

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