Sale with the exchange, here is the next ‘hit’ of Cherubini

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Sale with the exchange, here is the possible ‘blow’ of Cherubini in the next transfer market sessions. The axis is still alive

“There was this possibility, the boy felt closed and accepted with great enthusiasm the fact of going to the Chelsea“.

Federico Cherubini © LaPresse

“Good luck to him and Arthur, we made some choices and we are happy ”. Maximilian Merry this is how he explained the surprise sale, on the last day of the summer transfer market, of Denis Zakaria. The Swiss midfielder and Arthur greeted the Juventus club in extremis, with the management that satisfied the coach also on the revenue front, completing the department with Paredes. Zakaria went to the ‘Blues’ on a costly loan with a ransom set at over 30 million euros. However, a new negotiation with the English company cannot be ruled out.

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Juve transfer market, counterpart from Chelsea for the redemption of Zakaria

Denis Zakaria with the Juventus shirt © LaPresse

“He never has a smiling face, you can see from everything he’s not enjoying himself. I hope she goes to a club where she can just play and not worry about anything else. Ziyech he is a guy who always has to play when you buy it. Chelsea have many excellent players, but guys like him don’t like to sit on the bench ”. The former Dutch playmaker, van der Vaart, said about the situation of Hakim Ziyech. From Tuchel to Potterthe Moroccan playmaker remains on the edge of Chelsea and, in the negotiations to reformulate the redemption of Zakariacould be proposed precisely to the Juventus. The ratings of the two cards are similar. Therefore, eyes also on the Turin-London axis.

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