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Marco Giampaolo wanted to defend the team from criticism in the conference on the eve of the match between Spezia and his Sampdoria

In the press conference on the eve of Spezia-Sampdoria, the Sampdoria technician Marco Giampaolo he did not use half measures – as always – to talk about the situation of his team.

The coach knows he no longer has an alibi and remarked that he was sorry for the expulsion in the final match against Milan, which will make him miss the peak race and, probably, the internal one with the Monza:

The thing I regret most is the expulsion, not being on the bench tomorrow. It’s a burning wound, it annoys me. I paid for honesty, for saying how things went. The first warning came from my not blatant protest. He warned me and from there …

Spezia-Sampdoria, Giampaolo defends the team

Spezia-Sampdoria, Giampaolo defends the team: we pay for a match of m… a

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Giampaolo, then, he takes the defense of his team. There have been many criticisms for the bad start to the season, but the coach is aware of the strength of his boys:

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As for the team, I think they are isolated from rumors and do things right. We are a good team. We also played games in which we went beyond our expectations, we have never been hostages of our opponents. We pay for a game of m … a and the fact that we have brought home very few points. I am confident, let’s move on. There is a thread with the boys, I enjoy training them. Points are needed.

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