Still dozens of fires in Sicily, 27 interventions, fear in Palermo – BlogSicilia

Still dozens of fires in Sicily, 27 interventions, fear in Palermo – BlogSicilia
Still dozens of fires in Sicily, 27 interventions, fear in Palermo – BlogSicilia
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Dozens of fires in Sicily. A day of fire like and worse than in the middle of August. Interventions by firefighters, forestry and civil protection. Altogether 27 with 13 in Palermo.

The interventions of the fire brigade

The flames broke out in Cadditi, Roxiura Caccamo (Pa), Petraro, Contessa Entellina (Pa), Salice Santa Cristina Gela (Pa), Quaranta, Bisacquino (Pa), Ponte del Casale, Corleone (Pa), Rossella, Piana degli Albanesi , (Pa), Passo del Bambino, Sclafani Bagni, (Pa), Monte San Calogero Varcoco, Termini Imerese (Pa), Rebuttone Valley, Altofonte (Pa), Giardinello (Pa), Montagnola, Marineo (Pa), Contrada Feotto , Mezzojuso (Pa), Ducco in Piana degli Albanesi Caltabellotta (Ag), Contrada Firrio, Grotte (Ag), San Giovanni Dam, Naro (Ag), Bertolino, Sciacca (Ag), Ippocampo Di Mare Village, Catania (Ct), Calcinera, Linguaglossa (Ct), Murazzo Rotto, Randazzo (Ct), Contrada Acquavena, Mongiuffi Melia (Me), Contrada Spagnolo, Campofranco (Cl), Contrada Trabona, Caltanissetta (Cl).

Interventions against fires

The devastating fires in the woods and Mediterranean scrub have left a profound mark in the province of Palermo and the first mayors are mobilizing to put a stop to the phenomenon that is almost always connected to the actions of arsonists. Among the first to have made countermoves on the sidelines of this summer of fire is the mayor of Capaci, Pietro Puccio, who issued an ordinance in which he places a series of bans in the areas affected by the fires. Capaci was certainly one of those territories that paid dearly for the fires this summer.

“A commitment”

“On the occasion of the latest fires that have affected our territory and that have devoured a large part of the mountain overlooking our town – says the mayor Pietro Puccio -, we had made a commitment to do something to combat the fires that occur in our territory and which obviously have a malicious origin. Today the trade union ordinance number 35 was signed with which, in addition to some internal administrative provisions aimed at establishing the fire register, some measures were taken with immediate effect “.


The prohibitions

Pending the entry into force of the fire register, four measures were decided. First of all, that the wooded areas and the pastures crossed by the fire cannot have a different destination from the one that existed before the fire for at least fifteen years and this constraint must be expressly recalled in all deeds of sale of areas and buildings. Furthermore, the construction of buildings as well as structures and infrastructures aimed at civil settlements and production activities is forbidden on these same land for ten years.

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No grazing and hunting

Also on the land covered by the fires, a ten-year ban on grazing and hunting was introduced. Finally, on these lands it is forbidden for five years to harvest the fruits of the undergrowth and all the products of the stand, such as, for example, asparagus, snails, vegetables, mushrooms, and more. For transgressors, the prohibitions, prescriptions and penalties provided for by law 353/2000 apply.

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