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Salerno, the Prosecutor’s Office reopens the case of Vittorio Senatore. Parents: “Our son died hit by a scooter”

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NoonSeptember 16, 2022 – 4:17 pm

Salerno, investigated three friends who were with him at the time of the accident three years ago

from Gabriele Bojano

It would not have been a fatality to kill Vittorio Senatore, the 16-year-old boy from Cetara, victim of a car accident, exactly three years ago, on the night between 14 and 15 September, while on board his scooter, in company of a friend, proceeded at a not excessive speed along via Benedetto Croce, between Salerno and Vietri sul Mare. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Salerno Court accepted the requests of Vittorio’s family lawyers and reopened the investigation by registering three of the sixteen-year-old’s peers present that evening in the register of suspects. at the time of the accident including the young man who was with him on the scooter. Initially, the proceedings against unknown persons had been closed, much to the chagrin of Vittorio’s parents, who from the very first moment never believed in the version of the road accident without any kind of human involvement.

The family thesis

The boy’s death was attributed to the very serious internal injuries caused by slipping. But the coroner appointed by the family, Angelo Rizzo, has always maintained that Vittorio would have died as a result of a serious crushing trauma caused by an overlap, as if he had been hit by another vehicle. Probably a two-wheeled vehicle, that of the friends who followed him. Hence, from this different dynamic of the accident, also illustrated in a report from “Le Iene” which highlighted the conspiratorial attitude of some of the friends, the disappearance in the hospital of the t-shirt worn that damned night and the failure to carry out of the autopsy examination, the investigations are now restarting.

The complaint in the obituary

“It is a sign of Vittorio from heaven, that on the third anniversary of his death, on such a sad day, we received from the Prosecutor the news we had been waiting for 36 months – say mom Monica and dad Domenico Senatore who, gathering evidence and testimonies, they never surrendered to the reconstruction deemed fallacious -. Now is the time for clarity and above all justice to be made, our son died hit by a scooter “. A hard and precise indictment that was also repeated in the obituary posted on the occasion of the mass celebrated in memory of the boy, on the third anniversary. In which he imagined that it was he, Vittorio Senatore, who spoke: “I know the name of whoever hit me and so do my parents, but after three years it is still unknown to justice. “Someone” along via B.Croce in Salerno interrupted my dreams, turned off my smile, swept away “my life” ».

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September 16, 2022 | 16:17


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