Oh my God, how can you do this?

Oh my God, how can you do this?
Oh my God, how can you do this?
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A clip that immediately went viral on social networks shows the irreverent and light-hearted attitude of a small fan who makes fun of Didier Drogba.

How do you fool a champion like Didier Drogba, an authentic phenomenon in the opponent’s penalty areas where, between feints and touches, he made fun of the defenders of others? Easy, just see a clip that has become viral on social media in a few hours, where the one who succeeds in the great “deception” of the former Chelsea champion is simply a little boy who first outcalls him and then makes fun of him in the most “atrocious” way.

An autograph, a selfie, even just seeing them live. For the youngest, desires are made of champions, names, faces, victories and deeds and being able to touch them, share even a single moment is sometimes the realization of authentic daydreams: the extraordinary and genuine amazement of children on the pitch. in seeing Leo Messi arrive and be able to embrace him is the latest incredible sign of how much football still manages to maintain that sense of fantastic that no controversy can ever ruin in the magical world of youth. And then there is him, a little older boy and “seasoned” who enjoyed making fun of a living legend like Drogba.

Everything was staged obviously taken by the inevitable smartphones and the video immediately went viral on social media both for what was done as a kid and for the extraordinary response of Drogba. The viral clip shows Drogba pausing with a small fan to leave him the classic autograph on the Chelsea shirt. However, when the former Ivory Coast international finishes signing the shirt, here is the maximum outrage: the young fan takes off his Chelsea shirt and shows off Arsenal’s.

All in an amused and pleasantly irreverent way, with Drogba himself emphasizing his disapproval in front of such a show, with a reaction that is priceless. As the boy laughs, Drogba explodes in a: “Oh my god! My god! My god! How can you do that ?!” putting his hands to his head. Once put on social media, rivers of comments rained down on the video immediately shared by thousands of fans, including those who applauded the “irreverence” of the boy and who emphasized the historic rivalry of Drogba and Arsenal.

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Drogba’s reaction, after all, could not have been otherwise: the boy could have sported any other shirt under the Blues shirt, but not the Gunners shirt. Drogba has spent his extraordinary career in the Premier League having among his favorite victims Arsenal while playing for ChelseaIn 15 appearances in four different competitions against the Gunners, Drogba has scored 13 goals and Chelsea have lost only one of those games, winning 10 more with him on the pitch. Not only that, despite having revealed in the past that he also cheered for Arsenal (for the many French players who played there), it must be remembered that Didier Drogba is certainly among the greatest ever in the history of Chelsea, with his five Premier Leagues. , four FA Cups, three League Cups and, of course, the Champions League won in 2012.

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