How to use oil 31 for dry or oily hair and to make it grow

How to use oil 31 for dry or oily hair and to make it grow
How to use oil 31 for dry or oily hair and to make it grow
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Our hair, especially after the summer and with the approach of the autumn change of season, can show some problems. During beach holidays, the sun and salt water may have put them through their paces. Clarifying, drying and weakening them. The coming autumn, then, could lead to their fall. Or the problem of excess sebum could come back.

Among the many treatments to be reserved for the hair in this delicate period there is no lack of natural treatments. Including those with regenerating substances such as oil 31.

What is it and what is it for

Oil 31 certainly has a very special name. The number refers to the presence of 31 herbs within the same blend. In short, the oil represents a sort of mixture of as many essential oils. Among these stand out mint, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, coriander, oregano, lemongrass and camphor.

Oil 31 could be used to counteract a stuffy nose, thanks to its balsamic properties. Or for relaxing and healing massages, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. And also for the hair, thanks to its toning properties.

How to use oil 31 for dry or oily hair and to make it grow

This particular mix of natural oils can be used for the benefit of dry hair which, in particular, restores vitality. In this case you can add a few drops of oil 31 to a coconut oil based hair pack.

In the case of oily hair and skin affected by excess sebum, the oil 31 will be added to another product. In other words, a few drops of it will be put in a knob of shampoo for oily hair.

The mix of oils can also help counteract hair loss and make hair growth stronger. Also in this case a few drops will be enough to add to the usual shampoo.


Here’s how to use oil 31 for brittle, oily hair or to make it stronger and stimulate its growth. Let’s see now how to act against frizz.

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Frizzy or stringy hair will shine

If our hair problem is that of frizz, we can fight it again in a natural way. Not with oils, but with an infusion based on karkadè. This tea-like drink can in fact be used to eliminate frizz from your hair and help it look better. A karkadè pack will help the hair shine and no longer suffer from the ugly stringy effect. The karkadè can help the hair to regenerate, tone up and return as bright as it once was.

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