ActionAid, Marche flood: a serious risk prevention policy is urgently needed (16/09/2022)

ActionAid, Marche flood: a serious risk prevention policy is urgently needed (16/09/2022)
ActionAid, Marche flood: a serious risk prevention policy is urgently needed (16/09/2022)
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The tragic storm that hit several municipalities in the province of Ancona in these hours reminds us of how urgent it is for our country to invest in serious prevention and risk mitigation work, as well as in reconstruction: up to now, in fact, Italy has lacked a national policy for risk reduction and for the material and socio-economic reconstruction of territories affected by hydrogeological events or earthquakes.

ActionAid in 2019 launched the national campaign Sure really which has activated over 400 people and different types of realities around the urgency of launching a public, participatory and broad debate on prevention and reconstruction policies in Italy. The latest data released by the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research tell us that 93.9% of Italian municipalities (7,423) are at risk from landslides, floods and / or coastal erosion. Phenomena like this that has hit the Marche, also due to the worsening of the climate crisis, will be less and less isolated phenomena with economic damage and ever greater loss of human lives.

“The dramatic images we are seeing in these hours and the tragic loss of human life are the consequences of events that happen with increasing frequency in our country. If we want to seriously address the security of the territories and people, we must take note of the fragility of the Italian territory and the vulnerability of the communities by investing concretely in risk reduction as well as in the response to the emergency. Only in this way will we be able to reduce and mitigate the loss of life and the economic and social consequences ”he declares Patrizia Caruso, Head of the Resilience Unit of ActionAid Italia.

An integrated risk reduction policy, which includes both prevention and reconstruction must be one of the country’s priorities. The case of the Post-earthquake Reconstruction Code is emblematic: on January 21, 2022, the Council of Ministers approved the Delegated Bill to finally endow Italy with the Reconstruction Code. However, the process for the adoption of this legislative institution collided with the interruption of the Legislature, and the provision was unable to take the necessary steps that would probably have led to its approval in Parliament. The risk is that the path towards the Code of Reconstruction, for which so much work has been done in recent months, will never reach its completion. The umpteenth tragedy of these hours shows us how urgent and necessary a collective effort is instead so that the theme of prevention and reconstruction gains a space in the public debate and there is an effective commitment in the next Legislature towards the people affected and the many other communities who in Italy live in areas at risk. The country can no longer wait.

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