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Flood in the Marche, at least 10 dead. Hundreds of evacuees. VIDEO

Flood in the Marche, at least 10 dead. Hundreds of evacuees. VIDEO
Flood in the Marche, at least 10 dead. Hundreds of evacuees. VIDEO
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And of at least 10 dead the dramatic toll of the flood that overwhelmed last night the Marche in the area of ​​Senigalliese and Alto Pesarese, on the border with Umbria. This was made known by the prefecture of Ancona and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who at the press conference expressed “closeness to the families of the victims”, announcing the allocation of the first 5 million euros for immediate needs. According to reports from the prefecture there would be some also missing, including minors. I am instead hundreds of evacuees. Meanwhile, while the relief efforts continue, the Prime Minister has deliberated it state of emergency for the Marche Region. Prime Minister Draghi is expected in the area to visit the areas affected by bad weather.

What happened in the Marche

On night one strong wave of bad weather hit the Marche, particularly in the Senigalliese and Alto Pesarese area. In Cantiano and Sassoferrato over 400 mm of rain fell in just a few hours. In addition to the victims and the missing, the heavy rainfall also caused damage and floods. Particularly destructive was the flooding of the Misa River, which overflowed in several places. “There were moments of terror, with truly extraordinary quantities of water”, Said the head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio. “It rained in a few hours a third of what it normally rains in these areas in a year”.

Victims, missing and displaced

At the latest update, provided by the authorities, there are 10 victims of bad weather and some people missing, including minors. The victims were registered in Ostra, Trecastelli, Barbara, Bettolelle. Extensive damage to Senigallia, where the river Misain flood due to the violent rains of this night, broke the stone balustrades of the Garibaldi bridge in the historic center flooding the area with debris and mud. “In the areas affected by the bad weather emergency in the Marche at the moment there are hundreds of displaced people”Said the prefect of Ancona Darco Pellos. During the night, firefighters saved dozens of people who took refuge on the roofs of houses and trees.

Controversy on bad weather alarm

Meanwhile, the controversy mounts, as reported by the Ansa, on the lack of alarm. “The bulletins are published, there is an alert theme. It is quite evident that the event, as it unfolded, was much much worse than expected“explained the head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio, responding to those who asked him if a weather alert had been given. While the regional councilor for civil protection Stefano Aguzzi said that the wave of bad weather that hit the Marche”it was not expected at these levels, we had no alarm levels. And the flooding of the Misa, in particular, was sudden and sudden “.

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