Queen Elizabeth’s death, impact on schools in the UK and Commonwealth states

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The death of an iron womanconsidered almost immortal given the age of the throne in which he sat, caused a real shock among the subjects and the countries adhering to the Commonwealth British. The celebrations have occurred – just like a private matter – for each house and corner of the realm.

The schools they are on the front line: boys and girls considered the queen a North Star, an absolute reference point in wartime events, facts of health emergencies, unannounced changes of government and increasingly transformist policies. Every plexuseven the most minute and remote, has worked in celebrations: banners, half-mast flags, partial closures.

THE teachers they often kept real ones courses or inaugurated laboratories dedicated to the biography of the British Realm. This has also happened in branches such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Polynesian islands (Nauru, Tonga, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Cook).

The UK in mourning. Rehearsed schools and flags at half mast

How to internalize a death so sudden, of a reigning which represented for the boys a guarantee of lucidity and authority? It is very complex for the student communities finding oneself without a guide, but memory and remembrance can be, in both historical and methodological senses, an element capable of preserving the identity of someone who is no longer present.

They have multiplied, precisely, webinarbiographical courses related to the British Realmwriting and study workshops, and numerous gifts from elementary and middle schools were delivered to real locations in London and across the country. Some cities have become ghostly, with banners at half mast and offices closed in mourning, where the black it dominates and adorns balconies and public spaces, especially in villages and cities close to royal residences.

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And in the realms of Commonwealth? The case of Canada. Schools closed in numerous states

“We have made clear our direction that all schools must recognize the profound impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s constant and unwavering devotion to public service,” Lecce, the Director of the Ministry of Education said in a press session at CBC.

After the prime minister Justin Trudeau stated that Monday’s funeral would be marked by a Canadian federal celebration, the governments of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Yukon followed suit by turning it into a provincial holiday and closing schools and government offices. There British Columbia it is also recognizing the federal holiday by closing schools and giving government employees a day off.

L’Ontario chose to keep schools and workplaces open, opting instead to celebrate a “day of mourning”. Yet Lecce’s directive to school authorities goes beyond that of other provinces. The premieres of Alberta and Manitobafor example, they encouraged primary and secondary schools to observe a moment of silence, advised to offer students the opportunity to attend memorial events, and suggested discussions about the life of Elizabeth II.

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