Gas increases in condominiums before rationing is an alarm

Gas increases in condominiums before rationing is an alarm
Gas increases in condominiums before rationing is an alarm
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By now thelight and gas price increase alarm literally took a leg. We don’t talk about anything else. Until a few months ago, the COVID pandemic was the number one problem to tackle. Now the disproportionate costs of electricity and gas have become the bugbear of families. Difficult to observe someone immune to price increases. The bill has also become the subject of discussion by the hairdresser. It goes without saying that almost everyone is exhausted and would like to know when this will have an end. With the new gas rationing plan, which will come to life at the end of the month, Italians will be called upon to keep the heating one degree lower and one hour less. This plan could already represent a step towards saving and paying less on your bill.

Meanwhile, while families and shops are literally terrified of increases, a real drain is on the way for condominiums too. There is a risk of an increase of 300% and the administrators have launched their cry for help through the Consumerism No profit association.

Alarm of gas rises also in condominiums, arrears and the increase of 300% become the new bugbear

The number one problem remains that of arrears which puts the renewal of contracts at risk. There is an abundance of condominiums that are not up to date with payments. The most fearful consequence is linked to the closure of the condominium meter of the centralized heating system. The problem is more felt than one might think. How many condominiums do not pay bills each year? The numbers speak for themselves, a tide. Problem number two is linked to strong increases, which can reach 350%.

What can condominiums do

To avoid declaring technical default, some operators have decided to withdraw from the contracts signed in advance and are also asking for new guarantees.

For example, there is the emblematic case of an operator – as he writes The Corriere della Sera – who asked for a guarantee of 30 thousand euros to avoid “interruption of supply within 15 days“. This is why, in this moment of great difficulty, those with an ISEE of less than 12 thousand euros can access the gas bonus. It is a way to overcome this difficult time. THE

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The case of apartment buildings seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. Everything increases, everything costs more. The greatest fear is that not even the gas plan coming from October could be enough to solve at least a small part of the current problems. Recently, there has also been talk of increases in transport prices. It’s like a ripple effect. It is very difficult to find a sector where the increases have not hit due to expensive gas and electricity. The example of condominiums is just one of many.

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