Price ERROR or MAXI offer?

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There Kingston USB sticksimple to use and incredibly handy, it offers an amount of internal memory equal to 32GB on which to save numerous documents and multimedia files of considerable size. Take it with you anywhere, so you can work on other devices efficiently as well. For storage space, it is very difficult to find better at such a low price.

An opportunity to be seized, before the promotion ends: complete your Amazon purchase now and, thanks to one unexpected 26% discountthe key will be yours with little more than 5 €.

Kingston USB stick 32GB on offer on Amazon at a ridiculous price

The Kingston USB flash drive features 32GB internal storage. The USB 3.2 Gen 1 standard guarantees high speeds both in reading and writing, to complete your operations in the shortest possible time.

Portability to extreme levels, taking advantage of the large slot through which to attach the device to the key ring with great simplicity. Alternatively, you can store the key in your bag, case or suitcase: the USB connector will always be protected by the solid cap.


Follow your instincts, before the available units run out, e take home your new Kingston 32GB USB key: you will receive it immediately and you will never be able to do without it.

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