Alessia Pifferi, the father of little Diana is an entrepreneur from Ponte Lambro

Alessia Pifferi, the father of little Diana is an entrepreneur from Ponte Lambro
Alessia Pifferi, the father of little Diana is an entrepreneur from Ponte Lambro
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Would be a small entrepreneur from Ponte Lambro Diana’s father, the child who died of hardship at 18 months, after being abandoned by her mother Alessia Pifferi, for days, alone, at home. The man, however, probably does not know that he is the parent of the child: he had had a long romantic relationship with the child’s mother, then, however, he had returned to his wife.

Alessia Pifferi would have realized she was pregnant only once she returned single and, at that point, she wouldn’t say anything to the ex, and she would give birth in solitude. Only recently, the woman would have thought of asking the man for the recognition of her daughter, but only to obtain the maintenance allowance. So far she he had always denied knowing who the father was of the little girl, to protect the new relationship with the electrician from Leffe, whom she has repeatedly called “the right man”. And to whom she, however, she had told a long series of lies, and she had hidden that she was pregnant. “I obviously had suspicions, about the belly and the absence of the menstrual cycle»Explained the electrician. “But she denied, she denied all the time.”

The 37-year-old, meanwhile, is being held in the San Vittore prison. In her chats, now being examined by investigators, he imagined a “good life without children”, because children are “an obstacle to hope”. A life “as beautiful as those you see on television”, complete with a driver to reach your partner in Leffe.

According to prosecutors, Alessia Pifferi followed a “clear and lucid overall strategy of life that has guided many of his latest choices”. The woman «appears very lucid in her behavior, even in those preceding the death of little Diana. Alessia chooses what to do, chooses the people to hang out with, chooses to risk leaving Diana alone to build a future, she is personal to her first of all and above all ». The chats tell a lot about “the woman’s personality and the world she thought, she imagined, she could live in. Even to the detriment of the child ».

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