LIVE TMW – Hellas, Cioffi: “Let’s recover Ceccherini, Pharaohs out. Referees? I get out of any controversy”

LIVE TMW – Hellas, Cioffi: “Let’s recover Ceccherini, Pharaohs out. Referees? I get out of any controversy”
LIVE TMW – Hellas, Cioffi: “Let’s recover Ceccherini, Pharaohs out. Referees? I get out of any controversy”
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14.15 – After Rome, Florence: Verona prepares another difficult away match and focuses on the fourth useful result of this championship. Two days before the match against Fiorentina, Gabriele Cioffi will speak at a press conference at the club headquarters. The appointment is for 2.30 pm: we propose below, with a direct written report, all his statements.

14.29 – The press conference begins.

Can you take stock of the infirmary?
“We have recovered Ceccherini today, as well as Piccoli, who has been training for the whole week. Faraoni comes out instead: I forced him, and he forced himself, but he has to stop because we can’t go on like this. Nothing serious, but it needs time “.

Not serving Henry at the Olimpico was the reason for the difficulties in the offensive phase. Do the five goals suffered by Lazio yesterday reshape the judgments on your performance?
“The match in Rome has many positive aspects, among the less positive is the offensive phase in general: we are in a hurry to verticalize, and we are working on this. It is a correct analysis, which we have seen and on which we have worked”.

In Rome there was a revisable arbitration direction. Do you always have to pay?
“As a coach of Verona I get out of any controversy, it is a waste of energy that makes no sense, and the club supports me in this. Our goal is to win matches on the pitch. There is a regulation that speaks for itself: the Fiorentina complained about a few episodes, we about the intervention on Kallon. The approach we must have is not to bark, but to respect a very difficult role like that of the referee. we take the points home. “

On the counterattack you can hurt Fiorentina with Lasagna.
“It is one aspect. We are recovering in terms of condition the players who arrived, this week there is a healthy competition. I will decide tomorrow who will enter the field, respecting what is our DNA.”

Is Gunter not playing because his contract is over?
“The contract has nothing to do with it. It is a choice linked to the moment: it is up to them to prove that my choices were wrong, until the famous equilibrium is found, which will then be broken”.

How much should Fiorentina not be trusted?
“Fiorentina are not in crisis: they are in crisis of results, but not of players. It is a team built for a couple of years to reach the goal of the cups, this year it has strengthened to be competitive in the cups. For various reasons it is not in the flow, but we will have to raise the attention threshold. “

At what point is the path that will have to bring Verona to the level they want?
“It is a path that never ends, nor a beginning. What we know is that we will face a strong and wounded team, in an environment that will be a cauldron. And there I trust in the fairness of refereeing, I am convinced that they will not break up. to influence”.

Verona’s battle plan is not yet very clear: what is your idea of ​​an offensive game? Will it complete with Verdi and Hrustic?
“Until now it has been of a team that could play between the lines indirectly and exploit the depth characteristics. We are aware that we can do much better with the ball: by recovering certain players, we will be able to start playing a game between the lines more clean, alternating it with depth “.

What’s the problem with Tameze right now?
“Up to now he hasn’t played because I thought he was behind the choices I made, for several reasons. I liked how he got in: I’m reviewing the real Tameze, just as I’m reviewing Ilic. He’s not last year’s llic. , but he is putting a lot of effort “.

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Why does Lasagna get a little shiny under the door?
“The team has to help Kevin and Kevin has to help each other. Every now and then he has to break the line and be more active. When quality players come in behind the striker he will benefit too, there we will begin to see an offensive proposal that is still in hiding today.” .

Can Hien also play arm in arm in Florence?
“Maybe in the race”.

Will Lazovic be confirmed on the trocar?
“Today we are focused on finding a defensive balance. Then there is the real part, which is to be chased, open up, play … Today we make two passes and go straight. There it is not just about the characteristics of the players , it is also part of the growth: small pieces must be added gradually. I expect confirmations on a defensive level together with a cleaner and more reasoned offensive proposal. Scoring points, of course “.

Is Cabal still to be ‘despised’?
“It has a strong engine, an incredible potential. As you say, it should be scorned: if you throw them into the Olimpico you can immediately see if they have personality. We believe in it.”

What room for growth does Doig have? He has to help more in defense …
“I am convinced of one thing: some young players have to improve what can be improved. He has to improve in what he has to learn, he already has everything else. It’s a 2002, he can’t have Darko’s readings.”

Is Kallon still a ‘match-breaker’ for you, or can he leave as a starter?
“Now he is equal, he is fine. It is my choice, it is not a problem of timing: he is fine and I am happy with what he is doing”.

What is the situation of Praszelik and Magnani? Are they recruitable?
“In agreement with the club, they do not fit into the plans. Twenty people train, I have to make choices. This is a technical choice.”

14.50 – The press conference ends.

The article is in Italian

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