Living in Milan in the Affori District: Costs, Pros and Cons

Living in Milan in the Affori District: Costs, Pros and Cons
Living in Milan in the Affori District: Costs, Pros and Cons
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Milan it is not only skyscrapers and buildings, but it is also find neighborhoods tailored to the person as it is Affori.

The Affori district of Milan is located north of the metropolis and offers, to those who visit or experience it, the feeling of being in a countrydespite being actually adjacent to the city center.

Station, metro and public transport make the neighborhood very well connected to the rest of the citywhile the green areas and the historical attractions make Affori an area still full of Lombard charm and culture.

Affori north of Milan: its history

The qAffori department it’s a ancient popular village which was born with Milan itself. In its center there are still the remains of the medieval village And Renaissance and, despite the slow but progressive urban regeneration that has affected all of Milan, Affori included, it retains many memories of the past, including parks, gardens and historic buildings.

Those who are walking around Affori cannot fail to visit Villa Litta and the Park of Villa Littaor you will not fail to notice the many 1930s villas, still in excellent condition, now home to restaurants and typical trattorias.

Furthermore, those who pass through Affori will certainly notice the secular plane tree, located in the center of the two main streets of the district, which has remained alive since Napoleon’s time.

Legend has it that it was Napoleon who planted the tree in honor of a Milanese noblewoman he fell in love with.


What to visit in the Affori district

The first stop for those visiting Affori is certainly the Villa Litta and its Park.

There villa in the seventeenth century it was a meeting place for the Milanese upper middle class, which in the nineteenth century became a intellectual lounge: Hayez and Manzoni are among his regular visitors. The building is the seat of the Municipality and a library.

Around the villa there is the Litta Parkexample of an English garden, open to the public.

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Outside the park of Villa Litta, there are a series of streets and alleys that form the Renaissance center of the neighborhood. One example is the feature via Osculati.

In addition to this villa, it is also recommended to take a walk in the Parch Ex Paolo Pini. This is the garden adjacent to the former Paolo Pini psychiatric hospital, now closed: a beautiful public green area that also offers a visit to the Aroma Garden, a city garden where medicinal and aromatic plants are grown and sold.

Why live in Affori? The advantages

The main reasons affecting the choice to live in Afforinorth of Milan, are linked to the fact that the neighborhood is welcoming and liveable, thanks to a mix of historic charm and modern comforts.

A’constantly evolving area which has been able to cope with the changes in the lifestyles of the Milanese, without however denying the past and its peripheral character.

Today, Affori is a coveted neighborhood where you can live peacefully with your family, because:

  • well served by public transport, it facilitates the movements of those who have to work;
  • equipped with every basic necessity shop, including pharmacies and groceries;
  • full of schools, kindergartens and sports facilities;
  • it also offers a good number of shops and entertainment.

Following the urban redevelopment project that affected the entire northern area of ​​Milan, today it boasts of very interesting residential complexeswhich however did not change the appearance green of the neighborhood.

Indeed, Affori is among the more sustainable areas of Milanthanks to public parks and gardens and the columns for electric mobility.

How much does it cost to live in Affori?

  • The average price for buying a house in the Affori district, north of Milan, costs on average € 3,237 / m².
  • Renting a house in Affori is about € 16.91 / m².

* The data reported in the article refer to the month of August 2022 and were processed by experts.

The article is in Italian

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