Who is Mary-Ann Rau?

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Mary-Ann Rau

Sometimes in life we ​​can meet intelligent people, other times beautiful people. Still other people who are both intelligent and beautiful. It is the case of Mary-Ann Rau. Who is?

Unknown until a few days ago, Mary-Ann was a bright star at Apple’s latest Far Out event. During the presentation phase of the AirPods Pro 2, Tim Cook passed the ball to Mary-Ann Rau, senior AirPods engineer for 4 years. Basically since they were born.

In a few seconds, thanks also to the graphics of the white circles that imitated the propagation of sound waves, Mary-Ann appeared to the audience surrounded by a luminous halo that made her debut as a sort of mystical apparition.


Dressed in her yellow jumpsuit, Mary-Ann explained the novelties of the new generation of AirPods Pro in a clear and well-timed way.

The mystical apparition, with such display clarity, neatly packaged in a yellow jumpsuit, in light of the fact that she is a senior engineer, therefore a nerd, blew up social networks in minutes.

Who is Mary-Ann Rau? Where has she been hiding her all this time? Why is she only now appearing to the public, deprived of her stage presence?


Mary-Ann holds a BA in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology. She knows English, Romanian and Spanish and worked as an engineer at Tesla for a few months, before being hired at Apple in 2017.

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Since then she has been in charge of AirPods firmware updates. To her we owe solutions such as the optimized management of the batteries of the AirPods, but obviously also the firmware of the AirPods 2 and 3 models, in addition to the AirPods Pro 1 and 2.

Mary-Ann at WWDC 2020
Mary-Ann at WWDC 2020

It’s actually not the first time Mary-Ann has appeared at an Apple event. The engineer was called by Craig Federighi to present the news related to spatial audio during the WWDC 2020.

Considering that AirPods have recently become more manageable in iOS 16, thanks to the menu that appears in Settings when we connect them to the iPhone, we can not help but think about its work every time a firmware update arrives.

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