the viral video on Tik Tok

the viral video on Tik Tok
the viral video on Tik Tok
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A broken window on an airplane that makes passengers panic. This is what a video uploaded on Tik Tok shows, which broke through the ceiling of 8.4 million views only on the Chinese social network. The images were taken on a Polish Airlines flight.

The broken window of the Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 (Source: Tik Tok)

Screams and scary scenes aboard an airplane. The images were taken with a mobile phone by a passenger (the video is at the end of the article): they show a airplane window with conspicuous cracks. All around, the people who go away and call the attention of the cabin crew with a worried attitude. It happened within a Boeing 787-8 of the Polish Airlines direct from Warsaw to New York.

The witness, “Tristan”, uploaded the video to Tik Tok: “Back to the past when the window of our Polish Airlines plane broke and everyone freaked out,” reads the superimposed caption. The images have gone viral, online, with over 8.4 million views only on the Chinese social network.

According to the website “The Aviation Herald”, specializing in the collection of material and news regarding unexpected events and accidents on board airplanes, the incident occurred on a Polish Airlines flight last August 20. By the time the window broke – we read on the website – the plane was about 300 km northeast of New York.

Despite the unexpected, the vehicle managed to finish the journey by landing at the airport John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Here the damaged window was replaced. After about five hours, the Boeing left for the return flight to the Polish capital.


According to a spokesman for the Polish airline, it seems that only one of the inner layers of the porthole was damaged, due to the strong internal pressure. Overall, however, the tightness of the window was not compromised. So no real danger for crew and passengers.

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The previous one on the same plane: it smells of burning near a window

It is not the first time this year that a window of that same Boeing 787-8 of Polish Airlines panics passengers. A similar incident had already happened on 4 January 2022, during a direct return flight to Warsaw from Seoul, with 180 travelers on board: just before landing, according to what is learned from “Aero Inside”, the traveling staff of the plane heard a strong smell of burning near a window.

Also in this case, fortunately, the plane ended the route without serious consequences and the passengers regularly got off the plane using the stairs. The report of the “Polish State Air Accident Investigation Commission” speculated that the odor was caused by the air recirculation valves.

But at the end of the appropriate checks by the maintenance engineers, no operating anomalies were found. The staff decided to replace one of the valves, but the exact cause of the odor could not be established.

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