In Russia a new ‘excellent’ death, struck by the director of Pravda Sungorkin: he had shown signs of “suffocation”

In Russia a new ‘excellent’ death, struck by the director of Pravda Sungorkin: he had shown signs of “suffocation”
In Russia a new ‘excellent’ death, struck by the director of Pravda Sungorkin: he had shown signs of “suffocation”
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The list of ‘excellent’ deaths in Russia. A few days after the death of the now former CEO of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, Ivan Pechorinwho died at the age of 39 after falling from a boat while traveling at high speed near Russky Island, in the Sea of ​​Japan, at least according to the official version of Moscow, on Wednesday the death of Vladimir Sungorkin.

Sixty-eight years old, Sungorkin was the editor of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, historically close to the Kremlin. The reporter is dead during a business trip to Primorye, in the Russian East, while he was traveling with some colleagues by train to Khabarovsk before heading to Moscow. Loyal to President Vladimir Putin, Sungorkin would have suddenly lost consciousness after showing signs of “choking”.

There cause of death, however, would be “a stroke”as ascertained by a doctor and told by the journalist to the Russian agency RIA Novosti Alexander Gamov. A colleague present with him on the train, Leonid Zakharovreported that a few minutes later the choking signals he was escorted outside for air, only to die of what was called a stroke.

Sungorkin was a man particularly close to the Kremlin: since 1999 he was editor of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and three years later he had also assumed the role of general manager and editorial director of the publishing house of the same name. Over the years he had also been a member of the Public Councils of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Federal Drug Control Service.

Even the ‘Tsar’ Vladimir Putinto testify to the proximity of the warhead to the Kremlin, had praised the newspaper in 2020 on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of its first issue. “The legendary Komsomolka has traveled a long creative path in recent years and has written brilliant and unforgettable pages in the history of the Russian media”. He had written the Kremlin number one in a statement.

With Sungorkin two men close to Putin have already died of stroke: in recent months the same end had fallen to the former CEO of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation Igor Nosos: he too had suddenly disappeared at the age of 43, struck down by a stroke, with the body not having been subjected to an autopsy.

That of Sungorkin, as mentioned, is only the last of the ‘excellent’ deaths among state managers and oligarchs who were part of Vladimir Putin’s close circle of “loyalists”. It was only last September 1 that he had died falling from the window of a Moscow hospital Ravil Maganov67, vice chairman of the board of the Russian oil company Lukoil.


In mid-August he had fallen from a Washington building Dan Rapoporta Latvian-born financial who had made a fortune in Russia and who had openly criticized Putin, while in July he was shot dead in his swimming pool in a suburb of St. Petersburg Yuri Voronov61, senior executive at Astra Shipping.

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Previously other suspicious deaths had been those of Andrei Krukovsky, manager of Gazprom-owned ski resort in Sochi, crashed last May while walking down a trail. Hence the long and disturbing list of suicides: Mikhail Watford (born Tolstosheya), an oil and gas magnate who got rich after the collapse of the Soviet Union, found hanged in the garage of his home in Surrey, England; Alexander TyulyakovDeputy Director General of the Gazprom Corporate Security Center, found hanged in his Moscow cottage; Sergey Protosenya55-year-old former CEO of Novatek, found dead in Spain in Lloret de Mar with his wife and teenage daughter, a story reconstructed as a homicide-suicide; Vladislav Avayevformer vice president of Gazprombank and former Kremlin adviser, found lifeless in his apartment in a luxurious Moscow apartment building after killing, according to the official reconstruction, his pregnant wife and 13-year-old daughter.

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