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There are several ways to show how a work is about to surpass itself, and it seems that for One Piece chapter 1060 is very close to such a moment, at least this is the thought of the usual leakers who provide in preview images and information contained in the new chapters.

In fact, in these days very little news has arrived on what we would have seen in chapter 1060 of One Piece, precisely due to the fact that, according to the leakers, it would have been better to enjoy these new pages in the traditional method, waiting for the official release or the arrival of the scans.

Since the usual One Piece leaker has decided to avoid providing his usual weekly summary, we then decided to provide you with both a summary and an integral translation with images of the chapter 1060 of One Piece.

One Piece 1060: the translation and the complete images

Luffy: It’s definitely a lie! As if Sabo would do something as terrible as kill Bibi’s dad!
Luffy: Sabo would never do that!
Robin: True… I think so too.
The Revolutionary Army has always aimed at World Nobles, not kings!
[L’Armata Rivoluzionaria dichiara guerra ai draghi celesti. Sabo, il loro generale, ha assassinato Cobra il Re di Alabasta, e la figlia e principessa Bibi è scomparsa.]

Luffy: We have to go to Alabasta! Immediately!
Zoro: As you saw Cobra is dead! What changes if you go there? And Bibi is missing too, and last seen in Marijoia!
Luffy: Let’s go to Marijoia!

Caribou in the barrel: (What? What ?! Told Marijoia? Hell!)

Zoro: That’s their territory, you idiot! Do you really want to start a battle with the Navy HQ !?
Luffy: I will! Or are you afraid, Zoro !?
Zoro: I’m saying it won’t help! Take it easy!
Sanji: Waahh Bibi-chaaann how are you, where are you?!? Tell me you’re okay !!
Chopper: Bibi’s dad is dead !? He was so nice to us, even though we were pirates …
Usopp: Damn! Couldn’t find a better king than him!
Nami: I’m worried about her … I’m worried about how she is now … I’m so worried!

Jinbe: It looks like this Reverie was a real mess.
Franky: We actually met your brother in Dressrosa, Luffy!
Brook: I didn’t know about the tyranny that took place in Alabasta!
Nami: I can’t take it anymore !! Where is Bibi !?
Luffy: Me too! Let’s go look for it!
Chopper: Let’s go!

Zoro: Hey you! Stop it! Luffy, did you forget what you said about Ace? (Ace has his own adventure to live)
Zoro: Unless it’s in serious danger, we should have let Ace live his life, right?

Zoro: Are you underestimating Bibi? We all know what a strong woman she is! When it’s time for a battle we fight whoever needs to be fought, but now there’s nothing to be done, you’re just annoying!
Luffy: Arghhh !! Then I’ll be as annoying as I want!
Luffy: You’re an Oni! You are Onigashima!
Chopper: Green Mom!
Nami: Green Kaido!
Sanji: lousy marimo!
Zoro: Silence number 4!

Robin: So much happened while we were in Wano … and the changes aren’t over, abolishing the Fleet of Seven system basically means letting pirates of that caliber go wild, and in the end … It led to the establishment of the Cross Guild and the birth of a new Emperor, Buggy the Brilliant Clown!
Luffy: Only the last part sounds very wrong!

Robin: Luffy, there are other names above that have something to do with you… Want to know?
Luffy: Hmmm… I’ll leave it to you! If it’s serious, let me know!
Robin: Got it, I’ll do that then. Surely all this information makes your head spin
Luffy: But Sabo is definitely not the culprit! Sabo just wants to free everyone because of his experience of growing up in a house with very strict rules.
Flashback, Sabo: I want to see the world and write a book about it!
Flashback, Luffy: Shishishishi! I understand! Okay, then I … !!
Luffy: The three of us made a promise together, me, him and Ace! The…!

Zoro: Huh?
Jinbei: Hm? What … What did you say?
Nami: Chee?
Brook: Yohoho! How fun!
Usopp: Hey, no no, what …!
Franky: wahaha, beautiful, great!
Sanji: Dahaha, hey Chopper, check his head!
Robin: …
Chopper: Wahh!
Usopp: Do you really think you can do such a thing ?!
Luffy: I could do it if I became King of the Pirates!
Usopp: It’s not an idea that comes to a normal person!
Luffy: Huh? Haven’t I already told you about it …?
Usopp: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t told anyone… Because it’s impossible!
Luffy: So maybe I only told Shanks… and Ace and Sabo
Robin: How did they react?
Luffy: They laughed! Shanks was also in tears! Shishishi! But this is my dream.

Jinbe: Wahahaha !! Well, we can’t treat it as something that doesn’t concern us right now, right? We really have a terrible captain!
Luffy: Shishishi!
Chopper: But that’s okay! Luffy! it’s a beautiful dream !!
Nami: For sure I could expect that from you …
Franky: You don’t have to be anything less impressive than the Pirate King to do that! We only need a Road Poneglyph to get to Laughtale!
Robin: It’s nothing that simple, Franky. The last one hasn’t been found for quite some time… We have no idea where it might be.

To the new Navy HQ
Marina: Sabo, the Emperor of Flames has had contact with the Kingdom of Kamabakka!
We have to find it !!
They are not using any white Den Den Mushi! It must be an emergency, they could close right away!
We have located it!
In the Kingdom of Lulusia!

The Five Stars of Wisdom: !! Lulusia …

Imu: …
Marina: It is one of the eight recently born Revolutionary Nations, a perfect hiding place for Sabo …

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The Five Stars of Wisdom: understood …
What an unfortunate man …
No, maybe it’s fate …

To the kingdom of Kamabakka
Koala: Sabo ?!
Sabo: Sorry for what happened
Ivankov: Sabo! Look good, great!
Sabo: Dragon-san !! I didn’t kill King Cobra!
Morell: I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t do such a thing!
Koala: I knew … Sabo …
Sabo: But in Marijoia, I …

Sabo: I saw something unimaginable !!
?: Unimaginable?

To the Kingdom of Lulusia
Citizens: the sky has turned dark… is it cloudy? it’s like we have … Something gigantic about us …
King Seki: You will regret it! When the Navy men arrive, each of you will be punished by impalement!
Princess Comane: Daddy let me kill them too! I will not forgive these losers!

Citizens: Your Majesty… No… Lord Seki !! Recognize his crimes! We are not going to take his life …

Sabo: inside Pangea Castle, on the Empty Throne …
??: communications department, close Den Den Mushi!
Marina: What …
Sabo: on that throne where there shouldn’t be a “King of the World” …

The Five Stars of Wisdom ?: Listen … Department of Communications …
Citizens of Lulusia: What is that shadow…?!?
Five Stars of Wisdom ?: You have not received any signals
Citizens of Lulusia: Dad I’m afraid
Five Stars of Wisdom: You have not intercepted anything …
Lulusia Kingom?
That country… actually… never existed

Marina: tsunami detected in the south-east coast
Koala: Sabo? Sabo !?
Marina: Attention, Tsunami is coming

A few days later, on the Thousand Sunny
Nami: Kyaa! But what!? It’s freezing!
?: watch out for the ice!
Jinbe: lower the sails! The wind is too strong! How much for the next island, Nami ?!
Franky: Let’s do it!
Nami: I feel this is the weather on the next island! Maybe we are heading to an island with a glacial climate!

Robin: Oh Chopper looks great on you.
Chopper: hehehehe! With this Amigasa hat made by Otama, I’m ready for any type of snow! I arrive!

Luffy: Nami! What is that?!
Nami: That’s … Wait … What?!?
Jinbe: That hot whirlpool is huge!
Mugiwara: A reel? Why is he here!?!?
Jinbe: It is the result of a heat ring that has been heated somewhere else and pushed up
Brook: Woah looks like an afro!
Nami: Why is the difference in temperature so severe !? Jinbe, we have to leave! Or we’ll get sucked in!
Jinbe: Leave it to me!

Luffy: Wait! There is someone in the water!
Nami: What?!?
Mugiwara: Impossible for a person to be there! is she a mermaid?!?
Sanji: No, he’s right! I hear a woman’s cry!
Nami: Do you feel it inside the water?!? Are you serious?!?
Mugiwara: Even if there is someone, what can we do !?
Zoro: Let me cut it
Sanji: If you cut the girl I throw you overboard, okay ?!
Zoro: first sword style, Bird Dance!
Mugiwara: He did it!

Chopper: Hey guys what’s all this mess? Now that Chopper Cappello Amigasa ”is here you have nothing to… Wahh the wind is very strong!

Chopper: wahh !!
Usopp: Huh? Chopper what are you doing here!
Luffy: Chopper!
Chopper: Luffy!
Luffy: Waahhh!
Usopp: Not you too!
Usopp: Woah, it’s a little girl!
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